0123Putlockers- Everything You Need To Know about it in 2022


If you’re a big fan of watching web series and other streaming channels online then you might be familiar with 0123Putlockers. This is one quality torrent site that offers high-quality print of movies to watch and download for free.

However, this torrent site hosts illegal and piracy content and this is the reason the Government has keen on banning this channel by blocking its servers. O123Putlockers is not a genuine site, which means it is unsafe for use because it supports piracy.

In addition, this hosts content from the third party that always changes its IP address and server of the site. Previously the site 0123putlockers.com was launched in the US with the name Putlocker, soon it became popular because the site has received millions users per day.

About 0123Putlockers

0123Putlockers is an online streaming site that has been used widely globally. Here in this channel, everyone can watch desired content and movies for free. Remember, this site is unsafe and causes many issues in your computer.

The Government has banned this. But still, people are using it with different IP addresses and servers.  If you want to use 0123Putlockers, one should hide the actual IP address because if you are caught downloading from 0123Putlockers you will indulge in serious consequences.

If you want to stay safe, then choosing a VPN connection can help you. You just need to change the settings and select the secure network.

What are the 0123Putlockers proxy servers?

Here is the list of 0123Putlockers proxy servers you can use as follows:

What are the alternatives of 0123Putlockers?

Putlockers is gaining massive popularity and millions of people across the globe tend to visit this site to download and watch movies and shows. Therefore, the Government is keen to ban this site by blocking its various servers.

However, the good news is you can choose the best alternatives are as follows:

1. Popcorn Fix

It is yet another amazing streaming site that allows you to download the latest movies and shows for free. The best of the site is you can use it in both iOS and Android versions without any fault.

Moreover, the biggest benefit of using Popcorn Fix is you do not need to sign up for watching and downloading movies.

2. 123Movies

123Movies is also one of the best streaming sites to download your desired content without issues. The site is well-defined and user-friendly which means anyone can access it anytime and at any device.

In addition, you can not only download the movies, but also download songs, series, and more you love to watch. The site is operational for anyone, so use it hassle-free and enjoy the entertainment.

3. FMovies

If you are looking for easy to navigate and the best alternative to 0123Putlockers then Movies is absolutely best. This site allows you to download your favorite content without any interruption. This means the 0123Putlockers alternative is best and safe to use.

4. M4UFree

It is yet another best torrent site that will help you find the way to download your desired content over the phone or laptop without any fault. This is all in one solution that helps you choose the preferred ones. Here, you will find many categories like movies, action movies, and many more.

5. 1377x

1377x is yet another best option for torrent websites that are trending over the web. Many people are searching over the web for the site. After all, this site allows you to use a user-friendly program that is easy to use and download for various content. Plus, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

6. Moviesda

Moviesda is also the best alternative of 0123Putlockers. This streaming site allows you to download the best Tamil movies. This has become the prime choice for every user nowadays because it offers high-quality content and excellent features.

7. GoGoAnime

If you are searching for the best streaming channel for animated movies or shows, GoGoAnime is the best and top alternative for 0123Putlockers. This torrent site allows you to download high-quality animated movies and web series, which you can watch in your leisure time.

GoGoAnime is the world’s famous site for downloading animated content. So, you can use it hassle-free.

A Step-by-step guide to download movies from 0123Putlockers

Now, let us take a look at the following steps for downloading your favorite content.

  • Visit the official website
  • In the search box enter your movie name or the desired content you would like to download.
  • Click on the OK button
  • Once the process is completed you will find the download button along with the video quality you want to download that movie.
  • Choose the desired quality and click on the download button.
  • The downloading process will take a couple of minutes.
  • After this, your content is ready and you enjoy watching it online.

The best thing about using this application is that you do not need to pay any charges for it.  Isn’t it interesting?

Is Putlocker safe to use?

For any user, safety is of the utmost. Whenever you download the content from a third party, you don’t know what other content is attached to it.  You should ask yourself whether Putlocker is safe to use or not.

You know that these are third-party content, which is illegal. This somehow affects your computer with malware.  This is why using legal sites is always suggested. And if you are going to use 0123Putlockers then VPN is best and also adding malware protection in your PC easily detects the danger coming through such sites.

The Bottom Line

So, you know about 0123Putlockers and how to use this site safely. We have also mentioned alternatives for the site where you can easily watch and download the desired content. However, the best and legal options to watch content are Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max, and Pluto TV.

0123Putlockers is an illegal and unsafe site to use. This is because it tracked your IP address that can send malware to your PC for hacking purposes. However, this is the only active site right now to download your favorite content without issues.

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