5 Clues That It’s Time for a Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

Molds are very dangerous for your well-being and your property. Mold thrives in wet conditions. Even if it’s on a piece of paper or food. As far as mold spores go, they’re everywhere. Their spread and growth can be controlled by controlling the amount of moisture your property has. Mold spores are generally benign in small concentrations. But it does not take long for molds to cover an entire area.  When they’re huge, however, they pose a large number of problems including your physical health and the infrastructure of your house. But you can be ahead of the danger by following certain clues and signs for mold growth. These are the instances when the chances of mold growth are higher than average. If you find any similarities with mentioned situations you should contact an expert for a thorough inspection. If there are indeed molds in your property you should contact someone as experienced as All-Star Plumbing and restoration if you want high-quality mold removal in San Diego.

Water damage

Water damage is one of the main reasons for mold growth in any property. Water damage contributes to a significant increase in the environment’s moisture making it highly suitable for mold growth. Water damage also dampens walls, floors, ceilings and creates a very wet environment in the attic and basements. All of these are ideal for mold growth of every kind. So if you have a recent case of water damage, you should stay vigilant. Water damage and mold growth go hand to hand which means water damage can contribute to mold growth but alternatively mold growth can also contribute to water damage. For example, mold growth in pipes or slabs can weaken the pipe and the broken pipe will cause water damage. Whatever the case is, if you find unusual water stains on your property there might be an imminent threat of molds approaching. Either sanitize and use mold prevention chemicals yourself or call an expert Plumber for a thorough inspection and removal.


Leaks are another main contributor to mold growth. There can be many causes behind a leak such as weak pipes, natural disasters, unusual water pressure, or even mold growth itself! Leaks proliferate mold growth by providing an ideal environment. Leaks act as a continuous source of water which means the mold will continue to get its supply of moisture regardless of the weather. This is extremely dangerous for your property. So if there is a leak in your property you should probably have a mold inspection. Some early symptoms of leaks are:

  • Higher water bills
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Unusual water stains on many spots
  • Damage to floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Strange noises from slabs and pipes.

Always check your bathroom and kitchen appliances for water leaks for your and your family’s safety.


Humidity is another significant contributor to mold growth. According to EPA, humidity levels in your property must remain below 60%. Any higher than this may increase the chances of mold growth and other problems. Many people use dehumidifiers but even more, people do not even know what dehumidifiers are. These make high humid areas very susceptible to mold growth. Humidity in a particular property can increase regardless of the weather condition. These are mainly due to combustible appliances and dryers. If you feel certain dampness or sweatiness this could indicate a sudden spike in humidity. To counteract such instances you can have dehumidifiers installed. If you do not want to go to that route have a proper ventilation facility on your property, Install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, keep the air ducts in proper condition and keep the window open on sunny days.

Weird smells

The strange odor may also hint towards mold growth. Mold’s odor has a very must and earthy smell to it. You can instantly recognize it from other smells. Heavy rains or storms or floods also have the same smell. If you find these persistent smells after such natural disasters or water damage there is a possibility of mold growth. You can contact a seasoned mold inspector for a thorough checkup. This kind of mold growth is usually hidden making it impossible to find out on your own. Mold inspection teams have sophisticated equipment to find out the source and places of hidden mold growth.

Visible mold growth

If you can see a mold it is a mold. However, visible mold growth might not be the end of it. Some molds are out in the open but there could be much more hidden mold growth in your property. For this reason and removal, you should start looking for a mold inspection San Diego team who also covers the removal. A good plumbing team will analyze the visible mold and provide detailed reports so that you can make the right decision. An annual mold inspection is very good for mold prevention. A clean house is a happy house. Apart from that, the moment you notice something similar to the signs you should contact mold remediation experts for inspection and removal of molds. All-Star Plumbing and restoration is a family-owned renowned company that provides high-quality mold removal and inspection packages at affordable rates. Our services are available 24/7 so call us right away.