Acer laptop problems


Are you having Acer laptop problems and looking for the best ways to fix and troubleshoot them? In this article, we provide you with guidance and steps to resolve the Acer laptop issues. There’s no reason to buy a new ACER laptop when you can repair or enhance your existing system at a low price and easily.

Main Acer laptop problems

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could figure out what’s wrong with your laptop and fix it? Acer’s guidelines outline basic procedures for resolving Acer laptop problems such as stretched visuals, USB port failure, motherboard failure, and so forth. Why buy a new laptop when the problem can be fixed or upgraded?

1. Power on Problems:

  • If the battery cannot be detected, make sure it is properly inserted into the machine. Check to see if the laptop’s internal communication is working properly. If you have an issue, you will need to purchase a new computer.
  • Recharge the battery
  • Defective battery – Remove the power plug after 20 minutes of charging. If needed, it is good to restart the system also. If the restart process goes smoothly, you may rest certain that the laptop battery is in good condition. Otherwise, acquire a replacement right away.
  • When you connect the battery to the power source, an orange light flashes first, followed by blue light. Purchase a new motherboard if this does not happen to fix the Acer laptop problems.

2. Display Problems:

  • A black screen indicates that your laptop is infected with a virus. To bring up a menu with a Repair tab, press the F8 key. You can do recovery Management. Your laptop will be returned to its original factory settings. However, you can still Acer laptop problems even when all data on the laptop is lost.
  • Broken display – to turn on the system, replace the cracked/crushed LCD screen.

3. Overheating Problems:

  • Many applications running all the time can cause the laptop to overheat. This is plainly detectable. Close all open programs, restart, and listen for a reduction in fan sounds to fix Acer laptop problems.
  • The overheat may occur due to a damaged fan. It would be beneficial if you turned it off and then on the laptop. If the fan does not start automatically, the fan processor needs to be replaced.
  • Dust collection has clogged the fan processor. To clear dust from the fan, blow compressed air into it.

More Issues:

  • Sound card/sound drive problem, muted volume control, and wrong speaker setting
  • The use of too much memory might stifle performance. To speed up a sluggish laptop, replace the RAM.
  • A lack of free space indicates that you should upgrade to a larger hard drive.
  • Any defects in the Keyboard

How to fix Acer laptop issues

Fixing Heating Problems In Acer Laptops

One of the most prevalent problems is an Acer laptop overheating. If you see this error, correct the problems that will solve the issue of how to fix the Acer laptop. Check for a Heat Source Check for Dying Batteries with Air Flow and Heat Transfer Deal with Persistent Overheating with Air Flow and Heat Transfer

Steps to fix USB port failures in Acer Laptops

Step 1: If you want to know how to fix Acer laptop USB port failures, connect your USB device to a number of ports on your computer. Some USB ports aren’t compatible with plug-and-play devices, or you’re using a high-speed device on a low-speed port. Each port should be checked until your computer says the device is detected and available to operate.

Step 2: You need to click on the “Control Panel,” “Hardware and Sound,” and “Device Manager” from the Start menu. To extend the tree, click the arrow next to “Universal Serial Bus controllers.” A yellow exclamation mark will appear next to problematic gadgets.

Step 3: If you need to get the solution for how to fix Acer for a laptop, Right-click on a USB root hub to update drivers, select the option “Update drivers for software.” This procedure should be repeated for each USB root hub.

Step 4: To erase the hardware drivers, in Device Manager, right-click a USB root hub and choose “Uninstall.”Your USB ports must be updated after a power surge by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. Repeat the uninstall process for each device listed in Device Manager under USB controllers, then restart your computer and let Windows reinstall the drivers for you. To identify how to fix Acer laptop and the hardware issues, use Microsoft’s free Fix-it diagnostic program.

Fixing Black Screen and Blue Screen Issues of Acer Laptops:

If you’re having problems with your Acer laptop’s black screen or blue screen, it’s possible that the problem is due to hardware. In the meanwhile, squeeze the Fn and F6 keys to fix the problem. You may simply use your Acer Laptop if this step fixes the black Acer laptop screen.

Fixing issues of not turn ON in Acer Laptops:

  • Plugin the power cord.
  • Remove it from the docking station.
  • You need to take out the battery and then connect again.
  • Switch off the system
  • Check if there is a defective hardware

Acer laptop troubleshooting Tips

Frozen Mouse

When you do Acer laptop troubleshooting while pressing F7 on the top of the screen, press the Fn button in the bottom left corner of the mousepad. This should resolve the issue.

Numbers instead of Letters

For Acer laptop troubleshooting, while pressing F11 on the top of the screen, press the Fn button in the bottom left corner of the mousepad. That is the solution for it.

Factory Reset: sound issues or other problems

  1. Turn the system off completely.
  2. To enter the Grub menu, press the power button and instantly start hitting Esc.
  3. Go to “Restore Factory Settings” and then press enter.
  4. To save user files, press 1 and then Enter.
  5. Allow the machine to completely shut down and restart.
  6. This should help to solve issues.
  7. After you’ve done this, pupils may occasionally type numbers instead of letters. If this occurs, follow the steps outlined above.


This article gives you the perfect solution for Acer laptop problems. To do the Acer laptop troubleshooting, follow the Acer instructions given here. If you have a problem, contact a Galaxy Services professional for assistance in resolving common Acer laptop issues. With proper servicing, you get the solution for how to fix the Acer laptop performance of your laptop.


Are Acer laptops reliable?

Acer is a popular laptop manufacturer, but it might do better. Its success is based on its value and selection, but its great variety can often be a hindrance to achieving a good score. Acer’s luxury laptops as well as their inexpensive laptops are popular among users.

Why is my Acer laptop screen black?

If your system has been infected with a virus or malware, your Acer laptop screen may go black. As a result, conduct a virus scan on your complete Windows PC. Then restart your computer, as usual, to verify if the black screen issue has been resolved.

What do I do if my Acer laptop won’t turn on?

You can fix by Power resetting the Acer laptop:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Remove the AC adapter, hard drives, battery, and any other peripheral devices that are connected.
  3. Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds before releasing it.
  4. Replace your battery and connect the charger…
  5. To switch on your laptop, press the Power button as usual.

Will Acer fix my laptop?

However, in order for Acer to reimburse the cost of parts and labour under the limited warranty, you must have the product fixed by a local expert.

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