How to fix [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] error in 2021


The discourse and remaining connected to the world around us benefit everyone. Nothing beats Microsoft Outlook for managing and maintaining professional and personal lives. It helps with communication management and scheduling, to-do list organizing, private and organizational appointment scheduling, and much more.

The [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] mistake is by far the most common. To complete it successfully, one must be proficient in all areas.

Don’t worry if you’ve been affected by the [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70]; in this blog article, we’ll show you how to fix the problem step by step.

Microsoft Outlook is essential for business communication if you are a business professional or come from corporate culture. The [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] mistake is, without a doubt, the most irritating. It prevents you from communicating with company stakeholders via email.

Why [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] error occurs?

The following are some clear answers as to why the error may have occurred:

  • The issue can happen if a user uses several profiles without deleting the cache and cookies.
  • It could also be caused by a malfunctioning Microsoft Outlook installation on the machine.
  • The problem message shows as soon as Outlook is opened. It occurs as a result of a failure to update to the most recent edition.
  • The customer may not always be able to spot the error. In such cases, the support staff will be invaluable in determining the root of the problem.

Pii Email Errors Similar to [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70]





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Let’s look at why [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] occurs in the first place before we look at how to solve it.

What Are the Reasons for [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] error?

There are few apparent reasons why the problem might arise:

  • The problem may arise if users have several accounts without deleting the cache and cookies.
  • It can also be caused by Microsoft Outlook software that has been installed incorrectly on the device.
  • You get an error message when you try to open Outlook. It’s possible you haven’t updated your software before.
  • The user may not identify the error in some cases. In such cases, the support staff can best aid in finding the root of the problem.

Ways to fix error [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70]

It is difficult to find a practical and feasible solution to a person’s problem. Six easy ways to error pop-up difficulties are listed below:

Utilization of a web application

  • In the main window, navigate to Options in the top right corner to find the Outlook Web App edition.
  • Remove the checkbox for using the Outlook Web App’s lite version.
  • It’s an option to save your work.
  • Sign up for your account from the light version, dismiss the window, and then sign up from a registered account.

Update Outlook to the most recent version

Another user fault could be a failure to upgrade to the most recent version.

  • Check to verify if the most recent version of Outlook will function on your computer or laptop. Upgrade Outlook and uninstall the prior edition if it is compatible.
  • Updating the prior update will bring your data back up to date.
  • If the installation is brand fresh, you’ll need to make a backup of the important files before reinstalling it.
  • Select a straightforward file transfer. If the error persists, the user can contact customer service.

Error [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] was fixed by removing a third-party email application

When you use more than one email client, Microsoft Outlook is prone to failure.

  • It occurs due to a miscommunication between two email systems, which presents issues if anyone uses it.
  • Remove the untrustworthy source or third-party program from the system to ensure a smoother operation.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook after deleting it to determine if the problem has been resolved.
  • A variety of causes can lead to a similar error in different users’ working devices. To search for mistakes at the user end, it’s best to utilize simple and easy-to-implement methods. If that isn’t the case, customer service is still available!

To fix [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] Error, clear the cache and cookies

Failure to erase the cookies and cache is another major cause of the error for users.

  • To delete Outlook cookies and cache, go to the File and Options menu.
  • Log out of the Microsoft Outlook profiles after that. If you have several profiles, log out of all of them.
  • Restart the laptop after it has been powered down or restarted. Make an account with Microsoft. This might be the answer for problem.
  • If the error persists, try another option to address the problem.

Use an auto repair tool to try to fix it

It’s a program that automates the correction and restoration of errors in Microsoft Outlook.

  • To understand more about the software, go to the control panel and the tool’s work settings.
  • For the remedy, Open Office 365 and select the Microsoft program.
  • Select the type of patch required by changing the button at the application’s start.
  • After selecting a patch, follow the directions on the window’s screen. Consider using the repair app’s online version.
  • If necessary, restart Microsoft Outlook. If the [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] error persists, contact Microsoft customer service and report the problem.

Turn off any security software

Antivirus software can helps to protect your computer from viruses and other security threats. In most circumstances, it is not a good idea to turn off your antivirus program.

If you need to disable it momentarily to install other software, make sure to re-enable it as soon as possible. Your computer is exposed to attacks if you connect to the Internet or a network without running antivirus software.

Solving [pii_email_ac7c16cc195047f86e70] Error

The majority of Microsoft Outlook problems stem from errors and omissions during the installation process. To begin, seek for basic and practical solutions to problems that may be handled by a person.

It has lesser steps and can be finished by anyone. If the problem does not solve, you should contact Microsoft’s main office or hire an expert.

The aid in investigating, detecting, and resolving the issue, as well as providing the user with error-free software!


During the installation process, you will see that most Microsoft Outlook errors are caused by faults and defects. To begin, seek simple and doable answers to problems that a person can handle [pii email ac7c16cc195047f86e70].

If the problem persists and does not resolve, phoning Microsoft’s main office or any IT specialist may be a better choice. The aid in investigating, detecting, and reducing the problem, as well as ensuring that the consumer’s apps work smoothly!

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