Fixing of [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error


Devices are extremely complicated setups and therefore the occurrence of errors is very common. Many users reported the occurrence of several errors. Among all those errors one was the [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error. Are you one of those users? Are you encountering this MS Outlook error? This is a frequent error that generally occurs when you are trying to send or receive any emails through your Outlook account. Surely, you are not the only one facing this error.

Do you know the reasons behind the occurrence of this error? There are several factors that determine the formation of [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] errors in MS Outlook. Though the primary factor is the unstable connection yet, many other reasons are responsible for this.

The most crucial requirement after encountering any problem is the approach to solve it. It is quite obvious that no matter how much critical the problem is there must be a solution. Now how will you know the solution? In this article, we shall discuss the complete guideline for the solution to this error.

What is a [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error in MS Outlook?

MS Outlook is a personally informational management software system that is controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is primarily accepted as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.  MS Outlook consists of several functions. For instance, note-taking, task managing, journal logging, web browsing, and calendering consist of the primary functions in setting up the functional framework of MS Outlook.

The main functions of MS Outlook are as follows:

  • Helps you to maintain a schedule for your emails
  • Allows you to create tasks, new meetings, contacts, and appointments
  • You are allowed to apply keyboard shortcuts
  • Message viewing becomes easy
  • You can send similar categories of mail rapidly without being late
  • Helps you to lead multiple tasks simultaneously

What is a PII error in MS Outlook?

PII is the abbreviation that means Personally Identifiable Information. The PII errors occur due to incorrect parameters with port numbers, authentication, and faulty connection systems. The major reasons that lead to the formation of PII errors are listed as follows:

  • Because of the instability in the server of SMTP
  • Due to a pre-existing error within the setup
  • Due to corrupted software of the device

What are the factors leading to the [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error in MS Outlook

As we already know that the sincere factor causing the mentioned error is the unstable connection yet, apart from this, the other factors that determine the occurrence of [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error are as follows:

Most probably your device might be not securely connected to any Active internet server.

Once you get sure about the fact that your device is connected to an active internet server, then move on to check your Outlook account. The profile may have got extremely corrupted by the attack of any external factor.

When both the above-mentioned reasons are not creating any issue, then most expectedly it can be surely assumed that the PII error is created by an internal problem in your PC. It might happen that your PC has been attacked by some unknown type of incorrect antivirus.

On the final note, the problem may also occur when the files on the server of POP3 have been corrupted somehow.

How to solve  [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error in MS Outlook

Difficulties are likely to ensue in any circumstance. Almost like every other error, this error has also been provided with some solutions. The most significant aspect is to learn the solution. Thus, for those who are not still familiar with the solutions, here we reach with all the procedures that you might pertain to on encountering this error. We assure you that you will be skilled to eradicate the [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4]  error.

Following are the strategies that will enable you in stabilizing the PII error:

  • Survey the strength of your Internet connection

A weak or miserable internet connection leads largely to the happening of any error on your machine. It can be a fundamental component resulting in the error. Thus, initially start by scanning your Internet connectivity.

Make sure that your appliance is not experiencing a slower Internet connection. You can connect your gadget to any supplementary online service. This will enable you to understand whether any problems are contemplating your Internet connection or not.

  • Try to alter the antivirus arrangement on your PC

Once you have ensured the fact that your machine is undergoing an active and reliable Internet service, next you desire to check the antivirus layouts on your PC. If you have inaugurated an Antivirus scheme on your PC formerly, then it might be configured inherently to inspect your emails automatically.

If the crisis is with the Antivirus format, then your Outlook app might not operate appropriately. Hence, disabling the “Email Scanning” feature by remaking the Antivirus arrangement is vital.

  • Reinstall the outlook application on your device

Occasionally reinstalling your Outlook application will be beneficial in remedying the [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error. In many prosecutions, it has been noticed that temporary files get destroyed unexpectedly. On re-installation, these decayed files will be eliminated perpetually. Hence, you can rectify the error by discarding the fundamental citation of the issue.

  • Update the Outlook application

Updation is another critical factor that generates difficulties in most cases. You might be wondering and browsing for the reason when it can be just a lag of update.

Therefore, you are proposed to update your Outlook app when all the other remedies have already ceased to function. Updating the app will eliminate all the useless cache that might have been resulting in errors for so long.

  • Dismissal of irrelevant folders from your Outlook account is essential

Needless folders are nothing but cache and offer severe hazards to your software. Outlook account can also be hindered by the existence of irrelevant folders. Make sure that you have emptied the junk properly. You will certainly notice an optimal execution.

Further, the existence of a vast volume of useless folders also results in bandwidth problems. It is one of the supreme reasons that users are constantly advised to clear their needless files to make their PC operate smoothly.


So, if you were searching for the solution to this problem, here was your solution. Pursue these approaches to operate your account on MS Outlook in a steady manner.

If you handle your MS Outlook account with ultimate care, you can effortlessly get rid of any missteps within a moment. We hope that we have been successful in providing you all the data you required regarding the [pii_email_8c11ce614f58025af0a4] error.

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