The Growing Demand For Food Delivery App Like Foodpanda


The world where we live has changed a lot since technology kicked in. People now are more interested in everything online than offline. The preference of using food delivery apps is the result of this digitalisation only.

And as time passes the demand of such apps are increasing to a great level as people nowadays find it more comfortable to order online than to call and talk to another human and then place the order.

Here in this article we will try and put up a few points on how to make a food app successful as well as how and why these apps are getting all the hype and success and also have a peek at this site for top foodpanda clone.

Now the question which may appear to your mind is why do we need these apps at all? Because even before they came into the market the food business was working fine and the delivery part was also kind of working at its best.

To understand this we first need to understand the overall digitalisation which took place throughout the world. Now every other person has a smartphone to themselves and according Nielsen’s report above 95% with a smartphone uses it to search for restaurants and to order in.

Now the reasons why people at such a large scale is doing the same thing needs to be understood. One of the very reason is that people find it more convenient to order the food with just one click and also the food ordering online marketplace is available for like the entire day that 24*7.

The process is very fast and it can be done in a few seconds and one of the main plus points is that customers after ordering their food can track the order in real time. They don’t really need to call the restaurant time and again to know the current situation with their food. It just appears on their screen and is very easy to understand and can even contact your delivery man if you have any need. Then it is really attracting the customers with all the payment methods that they provide.

Anybody can avail it because generally these food apps like foodpanda have a varied option regarding the payment for the customers. With providing the COD option even the elderly people are now ordering in using the food apps as most of them face issues with online money transactions.

The offers and the coupons makes the app even more desirable to the customers. The restaurant uses the strategy of putting various discounts and offers for the customers and it definitely works and there are proofs to it.

The app which is doing wonders in the field right now is Foodpanda. This app was founded in the year 2012, the headquarter is in Germany, it is right now one of the top 3 food delivery apps which are in the market. Foodpanda makes sure of the quality they serve and the safety of the customers and thus partners with proper restaurants only and makes sure that the food is made in a safe and clean place.

They put the food in a temperature controlled bag and deliver the fresh food at the doorstep of their customers. The app is very famous for having more or less every restaurant and thus meeting the cravings of their customers on time, the speed with which they deliver the food is very much commendable. If you consider opening an app like this in near future there are few things which you should consider. There are sets of different people who will be using the app like :

  • Customers: they are the end users who will deal with the app to order their choice of food.
  • The delivery persons : they can use the app to make some extra money and also for selecting their preferable work timing.
  • The admin users : they use the app to manage the restaurants as well as the orders. Which order to take in and which to not along with all the other management work which needs to be done in order to run the food delivery app business.
  • Partner restaurants : they use the app to manage everything related to their restaurants for example which dishes are there and which are not available, which one will need how much time and the payment methods are also handled by them. They even take active part in putting on discounts and other offers which they think will be beneficial to them.

Foodpanda, having a very good approach to all the users have reached the kind of success at this point of time. They now serve as an inspiration to a lot of other food delivery apps and also to the people who are thinking to make it big in the field of food delivery market place.

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