How To Fix Toilet Flush Button: Follow These 10 Steps!


In modern, day to day life, the commode or the toilet is one of the most necessary things to use. Initially, the toilet flush button may be broken any time if someone presses the flash with heavy pressure. It may seem a little bit of a complicated matter for you to solve the problem by yourself. But it is needless to take any heavy burden on your shoulder. it is an easy e procedure to follow if you want to solve the problem by yourself without taking the help of the experts. Many people come across to know how to fix toilet flush button but they ended up getting frustrated and desperate. Maximum of the people does not follow the step-by-step guidelines to fix the flush button correctly.

However, it is a very easy kind of task that a person can solve at any time by knowing all the effective steps on how to fix toilet flush button. Here through the help of this article, we are going to discuss everything which you will have to do to fix your flash button. To know each one of the steps on how to fix toilet flush button initially you need to be with us till to the end. Here we are urging all of you to read all the step-by-step processes to fix push button toilet flush problems.

Few Tools You Need to Replace a Toilet Flush

Subsequently, to fix push button toilet flush problems you will have to need to take the help of a few tools. Without taking the help of the tools you cannot replace the toilet flush quickly. The most essential tools which you need to have while replacing the flash are

  • Towel
  • A pair of Grips
  • And a flat head screwdriver

All of these tools will help you immediately to replace the toilet flush by yourself.

Step By Step Guide On How To Fix Toilet Flush Button

Now let us study all the step by step guidance on how to fix toilet flush button quickly by you. You don’t have to know mechanical skills to fix the problem. It just needs your concentration and your active mind to fix the problem quickly.

Turn off the water supply

To fix the problem of your toilet flush at first you need to check is there any isolation valve that remains or not. If there is an isolation valve then at first you need to stop the water supply of the whole house. However, if there is no isolation valve then there is no need to stop the whole house water supply. You can just simply turn off of water supply for the toilet.

Open the cistern

The next step that you need to follow is to bring out the cistern lid carefully and after that disconnect the refill tube. While removing the old button of your toilet you need to place the cistern lid in a safe place. After that, you need to unlock the nuts from the flush and need to hold the push button equally. Later you need to clean the rim of the hole so that you can replace the new button in the right place.

Drain the water

The next step that you need to follow while fixing your toilet flush problem is that you need to drain all the water within the tank clearly. And after that, you can start your whole work to fix the problem and to replace the flush button.

Detach the cistern

Additionally, you need to remove the toilet tank first before you detach the cistern. While running your replacing task of toilet flush you will have to get the help of a screwdriver. With the help of you will have to open the two screws. Subsequently, you will have to hold the tank by taking the support of the wall.

Remove the old flush valve

You will see a rubber doughnut at the bottom of the cistern. Immediately you need to Remove them carefully and Hold them tightly to fix the two screw-nuts again. You will have to make sure the flush valve is in good condition or not. However, if you find it is not in a good condition then you will have to remove the old flush valve.

Fit the new flushing mechanism

After that, you will have to fit the new mechanism in the old flush valve. Using your hands you can undo the nuts and can remove the doughnut washer. Moreover, you can watch tutorial videos as well to take help and how to fix the new flush mechanism. It will help you to work more perfectly and you can fix all the problems by yourself instantly.

Install the cistern back

Later that, one need to be very carefully to install the cistern back again to its place, where it was to fix the problem. Installing the cistern back to its right place again needs your attention very much. It holds a major part while replacing your toilet flush button. Without properly and clearly clean of the cistern lid it should not be placed again to its position.

Check and adjust the flush valve

However, you will have to also check and adjust the flush valve if it requires adjustment in the water tank. It would be better if you check twice whether the flush valve is totally adjustable and fit tightly with its place or not. This will help you to avoid unnecessary problems with your toilet flush again.

Replace the flush button

The second last final step is to replace the flush button with the new one which you bring for replacing it. However, fixing a button is a very easy task but you need to give tight all the buttons with screws.

Turn on the water supply

And lastly e by completing all the above steps you will have to turn on your water supply again so that you can easily use your toilet flush button again.

Final words

Therefore, all these simple steps will easily help you to solve push button Toilet flush problems. Additionally, these are the steps that will help you on how to fix toilet flush button eventually.


How do you fix a broken Toilet Flush Button(TFB)?

Fixing a broken toilet flush button is very much easy nowadays. All you need to take the help of some of the steps. the steps are like ok turning off the water supply, opening the cistern, draining the water, detaching the cistern, and many more steps like this,

How do you fix a toilet with a dual button flush?

For fixing a duel button flush the same steps are also will be included. you need to at first turn off your water supply off the toilet, then you need to open the cistern, After that, you need to drain the water and detach the cistern.

How do you replace a push button flush valve?

Subsequently the same thing or steps you need to follow again to replace a push button flush valve for your toilet. If you know all the steps to fix a flush but none of your toilets then you can easily replace the flush valve as well.

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