Men’s Summer Fashion Trends in 2021


We can finally look forward to some much-deserved sunshine, beer gardens, and outdoor adventures now that summer is approaching. The fabric of our clothing becomes more significant in our men’s summer fashion ensembles as more people move outdoors and have backyard barbecues.

Men Summer Fashion Shirts

When it comes to shirt fabrics, a solid rule of thumb for summer fashion is to choose natural fibers over synthetic fibers. Synthetics tend to hold moisture rather than easily release it, limiting clothing breathability and perspiration distribution.

The fabric’s weave, weight, and cut all play a role, with looser, lighter textiles allowing heat to escape. Despite the fact that cotton reigns supreme in almost every aspect of men’s summer style, we’ve compiled a list of on-trend items to help you update your summer wardrobe this season.

1. Chambray Shirt

Any man’s summer shirting armory should include a chambray shirt, a lightweight plain-weave fabric. While chambray shirts resemble denim in appearance, they retain the airy and moisture-wicking qualities of lighter fabrics, making them great for spring and summer.

Chambray comes in a wide range of hues, but it’s always woven with a white thread for a pastel sheen. Stick to light blue (the classic), white, or light red for men’s summer fashion.

 2. Linen Shirt

Because of their casual style and simplicity, linen shirts are a summer must-have. Linen is a durable, absorbent, and quick-drying fabric derived from flax plant fibers that are great for summer.

However, linen wrinkles much more easily than stronger materials, which is to be expected and helps create more informal and pleasant summer clothes for guys. We favor long-sleeve button-downs over short-sleeve button-downs since linen is particularly breathable. Olive, white, off-white, and light blue shirts are available.

3. Seersucker Shirt

Summer is linked with seersucker, a puckered cotton fabric that sits away from the skin. The rippling of the material keeps the body cool, which is why it’s so popular in humid conditions.

Railway stripes are a narrow pattern of stripes woven into the fabric, but seersucker comes in pure colors and colorful patterns as well. Seersucker is more on the preppier side of men’s summer clothing, so double-check that it will fit in your closet.

Men’s Summer Pants

The perfect summer pant blends fit and fabric to create a pant that disperses heat while allowing you to move freely. Skinnier fits and thicker fabrics will take a backseat in men’s summer fashion trends in 2020, favoring loose-fitting linen or cotton trousers. Even as the weather warms up, a few pairs weather-friendly trousers are essential for nights out on the town and chill days.

1. Chino pants

A year-round staple for practically any event, the chino pant should take the place of jeans as the go-to pair of pants. Chinos, which are typically designed with a twill weave, are a stylish neutral alternative. Wear them slightly looser by cuffing the bottom hem a few times (certain slim fits, classic fit).

Though khaki and navy are the standard colors, don’t be scared to try out some brighter shades. In the summer, off-white chinos can be worn from day tonight.

2. Pants made of linen

Remember how stylish linen shirts are in summer ensembles for men? When it comes to pants, this is especially true. Linen pants in looser, roomier fits are a game-changer when it comes to unfettered comfort and traditional style.

Choose a pair of linen pants that are combined with cotton because linen is prone to creases. We adore Jomers’ linen pants, which have a linen-to-cotton ratio that is nearly equal.

3. Lightweight Jeans

Even though the weather is getting warmer, some guys aren’t ready to give up their favorite pair of Levi’s, and we’re in the same boat. Summer weight denim is made possible by thinner denim compositions and lighter washes, which keep you looking cool without sweat.

Save the dark wash indigo denim for the colder months, especially with the lighter color palette of summer fashion for men. Thicker jean cuffs are ideal for men’s summer style in 2020, especially when paired with minimalist white shoes or chunky sneakers.


Some men swear by the sky’s-out-thighs-out approach, while others have enough cargo pockets to outfit a platoon. When it comes to men’s summer shorts, aim for a good medium between too short and too lengthy.

There is no magic figure for inseam length because every man is formed differently. Shorts should come to a point just above the knee as a general rule. Between the short fabric and your thigh, there should be a few inches of room.

  • Shorts made of cotton and Chico
  • Jeans shorts
  • Sweat Shorts

Men’s Summer Shoes

You can keep your feet cool while keeping comfy with our preferred men’s summer shoe picks. To keep your feet dry and comfy in the summer, adhere to light colors and pick canvas or other woven materials whenever available.

1. White Sneakers with a Low Heel

We’re not complaining because the minimalist white sneaker has proven time and time again that it’s here to stay. Low-top white sneakers contrast sharply with the summer’s brighter colors, creating a winning formula.

White sneakers come in a variety of materials, including smooth leather, canvas, and perforated leather.

2. Boat Shoes

The moniker “boat shoe” comes from the fact that they were made to be worn while sailing. The wearer was stopped from slipping on the polished deck of a ship by their wave-like rubber soles.

Although boat shoes have been incorporated into several fashions, they remain a tried-and-true American prep staple.

3. Sandals

With styles that aren’t as casual as a rubber flip flop, you can keep your feet cool while still looking put-together. While these are ideal for lazing by the pool or on the beach, leather sandals in a slingback or slider style are better for everyday wear.

Men’s Summer Jackets

Even though the weather is nice, summer nights can be cool, so bring plenty of layers. As the summer days fade into the evening, a light jacket or overshirt is the ideal transitional piece. These light coats are ideal for a late-night stroll, a sudden downpour, or s’mores around the campfire.

1. Overshirt

Overshirts (also known as shirt jackets) combines the form of a regular button-down with the fabric of a heavier jacket to make a terrific lightweight garment for summer evenings.

They’re usually made of cotton twill, and they’re more robust than a button-down but lighter than a jacket. A Day’s March makes some of our favorite shirts, and this lightweight linen one is no exception.

2. Bomber Jacket for summer

These lightweight sporting coats also act as windbreakers because they are generally constructed of nylon or polyester. For a casual mid-century atmosphere, wear one to a baseball game or an outdoor movie.

Certain bombers may double as light raincoats depending on the material, but they’ll never have a hood, so bring an umbrella!

3. Anorak

The anorak is a pull-over rain jacket with a large chest pocket for holding your keys, wallet, phone, and other valuables. Anoraks are suitable for light rain or cooler summer days because they are lightweight and often packable.

Men’s Summer Fashion Accessories

  • Sunglasses

A good pair of polarized sunglasses is an investment that should never be scrimped on. Tinted, polarized lenses should be worn to protect your eyes because you only have one pair (we’ll update this page when cybernetic implants become available).

You’ll learn about fashionable sunglasses, and how to choose a pair of sunglasses depending on your face shape.

  • 5-Panel Hat

Aside from its aesthetic value, a basic ball hat is an excellent method to comfort in the summer heat. If the “dad hat” fad isn’t for you, a 5-panel cap retains the function of a regular baseball cap while adding a more adult style. Choose a neutral hat like tan or navy to prevent throwing off the balance of your fit.

  • Woven Belt

These belts are less formal than a solid leather belt and come in a variety of colors and designs to give your outfit just the right amount of personality. Cotton weaves with leather detailing are used to create classic preppy styles.

  • Simple Watch

Whatever the occasion is a watch is a must. While we wouldn’t recommend wearing your Rolex to a backyard BBQ, a basic watch may offer a lot of charm to a man’s summer attire.

Pick purchase a couple of NATO nylon straps if you’re bored of the regular leather straps. Watches’ are inexpensive, that are water-resistant, and a wonderful way to dress up with your favorite watch.

  • Socks That Don’t Show

Suffocating their shoes with their socks is a huge summer fashion faux pas we see a lot of males commit. Although going sockless is an option, many men are prone to sweaty (and eventually stinky) feet, so a no-show sock is an alternative.

These socks should cover the complete foot, from toes to ankles, without exposing too much fabric past the shoe’s collar. Stick to a light grey or even socks that match your skin tone more precisely. It’s your shoes, not your socks that should be the focal point of your ensemble.


These are some of the most popular summer fashion trends in 2021, and they’re here to stay. You can follow any style trend you want or create your own outfit ideas based on your preferences.

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