What are the ways to fix the [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] Outlook error?


The Outlook error [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] is one of the most common errors people experience when there is an issue with the software. The core functionality of the outlook is not working properly, which causes the outlook to break. When such an error occurs, you should first shift to the web Outlook to avoid the detail in your normal work.

Sometime the fixing the error [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] may take some time. You should have the alternative to access your emails without loss.

Why the error [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] occurs?

The error has several reasons behind its appearance. When you are working on the Outlook email, the possibility of the file getting corrupted is high. Outlook is huge software filled with many small features and functions.

Outlook email also uses the background process to keep the email service active all the time. Whenever you receive an email, it will alert you with the desktop notification. It ensures that you do not miss an important email.

To run an essential process, the outlook requires a more agile solution. Until you fix the problem, the software will keep prompting the same message again. It would be difficult to work while the message is kept blocking the screen.

Here are some of the reasons why your PC getting the Outlook Error message [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea]

1) The corrupted file causes the outlook to stop working.

2) Old cache files blocking access to the core function.

3) Use of two different outlook logins on the same computer.

4) Multiple email software is installed and running the same system.

5) Virus attack corrupted or blocked the outlook function.

6) Non-supported windows 10 version making it difficult to run the Outlook background process.

7) Restriction from the security software or the antivirus to the core function of Outlook.

How to solve the [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] Outlook error?

We have to sort the listed solutions in the order of effectiveness. Apply the solutions one by one to see if the Outlook software working fine on your computer.

1) Update the software:

In many cases, the Outlook software problem would be solved simply by updating the software to the latest version. When you update the software, the old files are replaced with the new ones. The new files will be compatible with the latest windows version. It will allow the software to work smoothly without having any trouble.

2) Delete Cache and Temporary File:

The old cache files and temporary files make the software run on the old files. When the two functions of the outlook meet, they will not able to communicate effectively due to the outdated version of the cache. Hence, the software becomes non-functional and you will start seeing the problem.

Clean the cache and temporary file and allow the software to regenerate the new file. Once the new cache files are regenerated, the software will work smoothly.

3) Microsoft Auto Repair System:

Use the Microsoft auto repair system to fix the [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error. When you run the auto diagnosis of Microsoft Outlook, the automated function will start scanning the files. It will check each file and verify whether they are working fine.

Any missing file or corrupt file will be downloaded from the authentic source and replaced automatically. You do not have to make any manual changes. Microsoft fixes the problem and your Outlook email software will be ready to use again. The error will vanish and you will now have the access to the email software.

4) Remove Third-Party Email:

The cause of the error could be the conflict between the two email service providers. If you have installed the two different email service provider software on a single computer, they will have trouble running the essential function. As a consequence, the error message will get a popup every time you run the Outlook email.

Remove the third-party email service provider software from your system and restart the computer before you access the outlook. Most probably, the outlook issue will be resolved and you will be able to access the outlook with normal functionality.

5) Microsoft Customer Support:

Another way to solve the problem is to reach the Microsoft customer support team. Write the message with the maximum details and a screenshot of the appearing message. The support team of the Microsft will get in touch with you as early as possible. They will offer you a permanent solution to fix the problem and get rid of the error message [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] from your computer.


The error message [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] would appear when there is trouble with the core function of Outlook. You must follow the given guidelines and try to apply the solutions one by one. It will fix the error message [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] and you will be able to access Outlook as normal.

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