How to fix [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] error message?


The error message [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] would occur on your pc due to unforeseen event. The software might have trouble running the essential files. When the computer software detects the problem in the core functionality, the device starts producing the error message.

What is [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] error message?

The error message [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] is part of the Microsoft Outlook email service. This is one of the errors out of several hundred similar to this. Microsoft has assigned a series of numbers to each error message to identify the cause of the error.

Using the error message numbering sequence, the outlook developer can identify the actual problem and release the patch to fix this problem in the new release. The error message [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] can occur for several reasons.

What are the reasons behind the outlook error [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa]?

1) System hard drive is not having sufficient memory to process the function.

2) Outlook is corrupted and needs replacement to fix the problem.

3) New Outlook update failed, and some of the files are still running on the old configuration.

4) Virus has affected the outlook core function and disabled the vital features.

5) Outlook security system is active, which has sensed the attack on the database. As a result, the security system has disabled the entry gate for the users until the attack is prevented.

6) Multiple accounts are signed up on the same system causing Outlook to overall the user logins.

7) Operating system is having some trouble running Outlook with the compatible files and hardware connection.

Other email software will also use a similar protocol to send and receive the email on the network.

8) Two different email software are installed on the same computer. The friction between the two software has resulted in the outlook stopping working to avoid data leaks on the server.

9) Outlook email service is not compatible with the operating system. The windows older version is not supporting the latest version of Outlook. Suppose you are still using the windows older versions such as Windows 7 and 8.

Then upgrade your windows operating system to comply with the latest upgrades. The older version has many flaws, which are solved in the new version.

Solution to solve the [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] outlook error message

Once you have a grip on the reason behind the outlook error, it is time to work on the solution. Remember that before you make any changes to your system; take the backup of your files. Outlook also has the web version, which is always accessible and fully separated from the desktop version.

The work you perform on the desktop version of Outlook is updated instantly in the web version so that you will have access to all your files and data on the web version.

Apply these given suggestions one by one to fix the problem

1) Sign out from all the outlook applications such as desktop, web, and mobile applications. Give Outlook a complete flush to rebuild the system login. It will remove the glitch between the multiple software and the login failure. As soon as you are done, reset the password and log in again with the new credential.

2) Remove multiple email software. Generally, email software uses a similar POP function to send the message. The communication happens through a similar procedure. When two individual software’s from the same niche perform the task simultaneously, there are possibilities that one of the software will identify the other email software as a threat as it is also working on the same network and function.

Once Outlook detects the active process on the same network, the auto security function gets alert, and it stops all the procedures immediately. The Outlook will be shut down until you recover from the damage. Either remove the email software or disable it so it will not intersect with the outlook function.

3) Run the antivirus software to find a potential threat to the system. The virus attack will affect your software. Sometimes the malware damage the core files of the software. One of the problems with Outlook is it takes every single problem too seriously. If it detects any small changes in the software’s essential functions, the whole software gets shut down with an error message such as this [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa]. Once you clean the pc and make the system virus accessible, the outlook security system gets disable. You will have access to your Outlook email software comfortably.

It solves many of the issues without needing you to do anything. 4) Upgrade Outlook to the newer version. The latest release will have some of the patches for the older Outlook software problem. If their files are corrupted or not compatible, the newer version will identify the problem and give you the instant fix.

5) Look for suspicious activities on the internet. It is not an easy task as many of the time. The network hack is performed through secure virus injection. Take the support of your IT team or network administrator to identify if there is a problem with the network. Any unexpected events occurring on the web could be a sign of hacking.


Check the logs and find any backdoor that may help the hacker to enter your secure network. Outlook prevents any hacking attempt with their inbuilt security system. The error message [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] would be a sign that something is happening on your system.

Final words:

The Outlook performs well when the system is up to date and protected with the trusted antivirus software. Update any software running on your computer to meet the standard of the operating system.


Do not allow the virus or hacker to penetrate your system to access your email files. When you upgrade Outlook and your operating system, the application will create a barrier to the inbuilt security system, protecting you from any damage. The error message [pii_email_8733ecf20b402e8655fa] will go away once you apply these changes.

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