How to get [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error fixed?


In today’s world, technology has spread its legs so far that people can see each other through video calls with a single click. It barely takes a second to find someone’s location about where they are. Whether someone is in the same country or is miles apart in some other country, a single click can unite them. Technology has its pros and cons. It is super beneficial to some whereas on the other hand is making people dependent on it to complete their chores.

While working on computers, people make usage of MS Outlook quite often. To exchange emails, MS Outlook is used by quite a large number of the population. Many times due to a virus or bugs, a lot of errors are being faced by people. One of the errors in the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]error. In this article, there would be a discussion about how to fix the error.

What is the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error?

The error code [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]is nothing but an error that comes by the human being itself. Many times, people do not take care of their PCs the way they take care of themselves. They leave a lot of junk and storage behind in their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. This leads to the accumulation of various junk files in the system.

Due to the accumulation of junk files, there are more chances of a new virus or several bugs developing in the system. Also, due to inadequate storage, many kinds of errors are created, which brings on several problems and inconveniences to people.

These problems altogether, which are mostly the lousy storage, accumulation of junk files, and many more, lead to the formation of bugs and viruses, later on, create a problem and lead to errors such    as         the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error. The [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error is a widespread error faced by most people and is relatively easy to solve. As every problem has a solution, this problem also has a solution which will be discussed below.

What are the reasons behind the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error?

If the actual cause of the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]error is known, there is no delay in solving it and making the system work properly. However, there can be multiple reasons behind the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error.Some of them will be discussed in the later sections.

Although the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] erroris primarily caused due to the accumulation of junk files that have not been cleaned for a long time in the past.

The formation of viruses and bugs also lead to the formation of the error. Many reasons altogether leading to the formation of such errors are the route cause. If the root cause of the errors can be identified, there can be no delay in identifying the solution to the error.

 Some of the main reasons for the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error is being listed below:

  1. Multiple accounts on the outlook application

If there are multiple accounts on the outlook application without clearing cookies or cache data, then the formation of [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error is relatively standard.

All the cookies and the cache data should be removed and refreshed not to let such errors form, and if formed, this cache data and cookies must be cleared for the mistake not to be affected.

  1. Inadequacy of reasonable drivers 

During the Microsoft Outlook Application installation process, the lack of proper drivers may be the prime cause for the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]error. The inadequate and insufficient correct drivers can lead to the formation of the error. This is an artificial error and can be solved later on. But initially, it is a part to be looked upon and taken care of.

  1. Outdated Outlook Application installed that does not acknowledge with older systems. 

This reason plays a vital role in the formation of the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]error. It is a fundamental thing that the error may come if an outdated or old form of the Microsoft Outlook Application is being installed. This kind of older version does not comply with the system requirements. The outdated outlook application installation does not maintain its interaction with the older systems. It is really important to download the latest version of the outlook application for it to function properly and not show any errors.

  1. Internal System bugs that curtail the working of Microsoft Outlook 

It was previously discussed that the internal bugs and junk files must be cleared from time to time to prevent the system from forming such errors in the present or the future. All the junk files and excess storage or the cache data must be cleared away and removed to protect the system from getting such viruses. The formation of such bugs and cookies has led to the accumulation of such viruses. To prevent such occurrences in the future, one must not let the storage or the junk files get accumulated. From time to time, all the junk and storage, and cache data must be cleared away to avoid such errors.

How can the error be solved?

If there is a problem, then there is always a way. Technology is all manufactured, and so is the solution. Today, if there is any problem or anything that is not working correctly, there can be a solution to the problem, and it can be solved if looked upon. If anyone is facing the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b]error, it can also be solved easily by following the steps mentioned below. Therefore, to solve the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error,some of the most common reasons are being discussed below:

  • The Microsoft Outlook Application must be Updated

The very first thing to solve the Microsoft        Outlook error      that is [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b],the Microsoft Outlook Application must get updated. There should always be the updated versions of all the apps.

This is quite a normal and essential thing that due to some system requirements of the application with the hardware, they do not function altogether in a usual way. Outlook doesn’t work correctly in generating this.

Therefore, to use the Microsoft Application and its services faultlessly, one must always keep the application updated to its newest version. The latest version may not lead to getting faults and errors. Thus the outlook application must always be in the updated version to function correctly without any defects.

After the update of the Microsoft application, if the error still doesn’t get fixed or corrected, then one must follow the further steps.

  • The data of the Microsoft Outlook application must be cleared away. 

Even after updating the Microsoft Outlook application, if the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error does not disappear, the following steps must be viewed and followed. This step says that all the data of the Microsoft Outlook application must be cleared away to get the error being solved. This is because the accumulation of so many cache files and the cookies inside the application may hinder the application from working correctly in the long term and trigger the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error.

Therefore, the data must get cleared away, and all bugs and cache files must get cleared for the Microsoft Outlook application to function correctly and the error to not come in the future. Even after clearing away all the cookies and cache files, the error doesn’t go away, and then the next step must get followed to solve the issue.

  • Take the help from Auto repair.  

Even after clearing away all the cookies and cache files, if the error is still showing and does not go away, the next step should be followed. The following solution in the solving of the error is to run Auto-repair.

There are times when people could not find the actual cause of the error being caused. They repeatedly go for many different ways to solve it but could not. This is because they are not able to find the root cause of the issue.

If any of the solutions are not working, one must take Auto repair’s help and run Auto repair to solve the problem. The steps to run Auto repair are being listed down.

  • Firstly, from the window settings, all the software details must be checked from the control panel.
  • Now the next step is that the user must right-click on the application. And a new tab would open from where the auto repair function must be seen. Now the user must click upon the auto repair function tab.
  • Now all the commands would be shown on the screen, and the user must follow all the automated orders. This way, the user must automatically get to know the reason behind the error. After this automatically, an auto-fix tool may get run immediately. Now all the options would be shown, and the appropriate option must be selected to resolve the issue.
  • In the last step, finally, the PC must get rebooted for the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error issue to get resolved. After following the steps mentioned earlier, the issue will get fixed on its own.
  • Any third-party email clients must get deleted.

Even after trying all the solutions mentioned above, and still, the problem doesn’t get resolved, this is the last step to be followed to solve the issue.

Even after the auto repair, the error doesn’t go away and fix, and then the following action must be followed.

  • In this solution, firstly, the user must check if any third-party email clients are installed in the computer or the system.
  • Those must be checked from the control panel, and the following steps must be followed.
  • First, go to the control panel, then select all control panel items. And in the end, programs and features must get chosen.
  • Now all the third-party applications must get uninstalled, and the computer must be put on a restart.
  • After the reboot of the computer or the system is complete, the Microsoft application must get accessed without any errors. Through this way, ultimately and finally, the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] error must get resolved.


In conclusion, we can say that technology today is serving people by various methods. But the over usage of technology is making man dependent upon it. If there is any working with the technology, the formation of errors is also standard. One such mistake about which was talked about was the [pii_email_9701ac3b75c2306c858b] errorIf the root cause of the error is identified, then there must not be any time to fix it.

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