How to solve [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] error code?


Are you getting error code [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] on your system? Before you start applying the solution to fix the problem, you first need to understand the reason behind the error. Having proper knowledge would help you to avoid such errors in the future.

The error message [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] occurs when there is outlook email function is not properly working. You will be not able to access the outlook account. Also, you will be restricted from sending and receiving the emails until the issue is resolved.

In most the cases, windows operating system does auto-correction to the files of Microsoft and their related products during the diagnosis. Hence, there are possibilities that some errors may persist and will not go away easily. You may have to apply the solution manually to get rid of such Outlook errors.

What are the reasons behind the Outlook error [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] ?

The error message starts appearing on the screen when MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express is not able to make require port connection with the email server. There are several other reasons why Outlook is not able to perform the core function and result in an error while using it.

Here are some of the common errors found in Outlook that may cause the software to break down.

1) Check the internet connection before you jump to any conclusion. Sometimes network connection halts the core process and you will not be able to access the Outlook email server.

2) Fill in the correct account information to log in to your outlook account. Incorrect details would cause Outlook to breakdown and produce the [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] error message.

3) User profile set with Outlook is corrupted. You may have to register your account again and filled the required details to gain the access to your account.

4) POP3 email server is not fully functional. Check the required setting and reset the account.

5) Anti Virus software configuration is not properly established.

6) Outlook express software might have been removed from your computer system. You may have to reinstall it again to access the essential features of the outlook email server.

7) The firewall settings are blocking the vital files of the outlook causing it not to perform the core functions. Disable the firewall and see if it solves the problem.

What are the solutions to fix the [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] outlook error code ?

There are many ways you can fix the issues. Follow the given guidelines to fix the problem.

1) Internet Connectivity:

The simple problem with the internet connectivity could lead to a serious problem with the outlook. Before you apply any solution, simply disable the network connection and connect it back with the login details. Check if the issue resolves. If the outlook files were not functional due to the internet facility then your problem would have been resolved once the internet is connected back to normal.

2) Avoid spam emails:

The emails received from the unknown senders must be ignored or do not click on any link provided in the email. The link provided in the email may have spyware or malware which automatically gets installed once clicked. The Unknown sender could be a potential threat to your data. Also, the infected email could make the outlook application crash while using it.

It may corrupt the essential files on your computer leaving you with broken pieces. Use reliable antivirus software to scan the content in the email before you take further action against it. Delete any email that appears suspicious and does not entertain any chat or personal message from the unknown person.

3) Reinstall the Outlook:

Reinstallation of the outlook software would resolve the issue permanently. Any corrupted file would be removed and while installing the Outlook back, the new files will be installed on the system. You will be getting complete new software installed during the reinstallation process. Any error causing the problem due to a corrupted file will be resolved.

4) Clear the Cache and Temporary files:

Delete all the cache and temporary files from the computer system. Sometimes the corrupt cache file could lead to an error in the outlook. You may not be able to access the primary features of the files.

The temporary files make the software run smoothly; however, the old files would cause it to crash frequently due to compatibility issues. Delete them allow the software to generate new temporary files.

By following the above guidelines, you can able to fix the error code [pii_email_a64805dc31bea70e9b9e] easily and get access to your Outlook account back.

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