What to do if [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error comes?



Today’s world has become so advanced that within one single click, things can happen and take place. Within one single click on the screen now people can see each other through sitting in different countries. Technology has connected families. It has let the meeting of a mother with her son sitting abroad in a different country happen.

Technology has connected lives. Many families who have not met for several years are now connected through technology. There are many pros and many cons to technology. As in this entire world, every single thing has its pros and cons. And so is the case with technology, it has its advantages and as well as its disadvantages also. While dealing with technology, this thing is quite common in general, that errors can occur.

Everything that is made on this planet has its own shelf life. Likewise, technology also leads to the formation of several errors. Errors are widespread these days and are not a big deal in general. There are many times specific coding written on the screen, which depicts several errors.

Errors are common and can be solved by following elementary steps. Furthermore, the formation of such errors is due to many, many reasons which are all different. But the one main error which leads to this is the formation of bugs and cookies. This occurs when the junk files and cache are not cleared away from the system or computer, which can lead to several errors.

One of the examples of such an error that will be discussed in this article is the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error. This error is widespread and can be fixed easily. Therefore, the user must check and read this article till the end to get this error fixed if it occurs.

What is the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error?

The [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error is a widespread error faced by the Microsoft Outlook application users while using. It is widespread to face this error in today’s daily lives by people. The Microsoft Outlook Application is a very important and a daily used app by millions of people. It is very normal and quite common to get an error like [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204].This causes inconvenience to the users, of course. But to the rescue, there are many solutions to it being fixed or resolved. It is not always common that things work smoothly and nicely without any errors or mistakes.

Reasons behind the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error

There can be many reasons for the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error to occur. However, the most common reasons for the same are listed below as follows. In general, the errors in any system or any computer are caused by the formation of bugs. These bugs are commonly formed when the user doesn’t clear away the junk files or the cache. The accumulation of these junk files and the cache files eventually leads to the formation of several bugs, which creates errors like these and may cause problems later on for the system to work smoothly. However, the reasons are many and are listed below as follows:

If the user has multiple accounts for the Outlook application

It is quite a prevalent and essential thing that while using or having multiple accounts set up for the Microsoft Outlook account, the user may face such issues on a sad note. If all the cookies and caches have not been cleared, the formation of errors like [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] is quite normal. Therefore it is pretty standard and compulsory for the user that from time to time, all the caches and cookies must be cleared away and removed to stay away from such errors.

Inappropriate induction of the Microsoft Outlook Software

If the Microsoft Outlook software installation is not proper, then it is regular and very general that errors such as the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]may occur. Therefore, to be away from such errors and let your system be protected from such errors and bugs, the Microsoft Outlook software installation should be done appropriately and also by a very good person.

If the user is using the outdated version of the Microsoft Outlook application

If the user is using the outdated or the older version of the Microsoft Outlook application in the system or the computer, then it is more likely to get an issue and error like the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error. The updated version plays an essential part or role in the smooth working of the application. However, if the application version is old or outdated, it is more likely to create errors. The older versions of the Microsoft Outlook Application do not comply with such system requirements; therefore, it is essential to update the Microsoft Outlook Application to its latest version.

Error caused by an unknown source

It is seen many times that the error sometimes comes with an unknown source and is unidentifiable by the user. In such a case, the user himself doesn’t know how to fix the error as the source of the error remains unknown. In such cases, the support team needs to get in touch with the user and help him resolve this issue by identifying the error first. Such a case is fixed by calling the support team only.

Methods by which the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error can get fixed

Although the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error is a prevalent issue, many Microsoft Outlook Application users face it. Common solutions or methods are using which these can be fixed, and the problem gets to resolve. The user need not worry about such an error being caused and must follow the steps given below as follows:

Update the Microsoft Outlook Application

  • The first method by which the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error may get solved is that the user must update the Microsoft Outlook application from time to time.
  • Using the older version of the Microsoft Outlook application is the prime cause for the occurrence of the error.
  • Therefore, the Microsoft Outlook application must be updated, or it’s the latest form for the error to stay away from the systems or the computers of users.

All the browser cookies must get cleared away.

  • The primary and most important cause for the occurrence of the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error is not only outdated versions of the Microsoft Outlook application but also when the browser cookies have not cleared away.
  • This can be explained as follows. When the junk files and the cache files are all not cleared altogether, this may lead to the formation of several bugs, which eventually leads to the formation of the cookies and create such errors.
  • Browser cookies are some temporary files stored by the system for the proper and smooth functioning of the system software.

Clear the browsing data

If the steps mentioned above do not work, then the next step the user can try is to clear away all the application data for the fixing of the [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]error. By doing so, all the cookies will get cleared away the error light goes away. For a detailed description of how to clear away the data, the user must follow the steps explained.

  • First of all, open google chrome and click on the three dots in the top corner.
  • Now the user must select the more tools option and should tap on the Clear browsing data button.
  • Once the new screen opens up, the user must click upon the clear data dialogue box and then select Cookies and other site data and the cached data option.
  • Now, the user must click upon precise data to complete the process, and therefore, all the cookies from the web browser must be removed.
  • Once all the data has been cleared away, the user must go and check the app as now they will be able to again send or receive emails in the Microsoft Outlook application, and the error code [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204]will not be seen any further.

Reinstall the Microsoft Outlook Application

If the user has tried to delete all the data and still if the error code [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] does not go away, then one more last step must be tried. The user must delete the Microsoft Outlook App and then try to reinstall it further. After trying this, the user might see that the error code [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] has gone away and is no longer prevalent, and therefore the issue has been resolved on its own. This was because the installation files of the app were not configured correctly. To reinstall the Microsoft Outlook app, the user must follow the steps given below:

  • The user must first visit the control panel and select on uninstall a program
  • In the next step, the user must select Microsoft Outlook from the list and then tap on Uninstall to remove it from the PC.
  • Once the Microsoft Outlook app has been uninstalled successfully, then the user must visit the official website of Microsoft Outlook and then try to reinstall the app again.


In conclusion, technology has become very advanced in today’s world and has made the man very much dependent on himself. Also, technology has reached heights today and has done wonders. It is helping humans every single second in the form of one help to another. But the continuous use of technology also gives rise to many errors. Thus, the errors need to be fixed to get the work done smoothly.

The [pii_pn_17d35784194c6f9b3204] error code is quite common and comes to pop up on the screen of Microsoft Outlook users. There is nothing to worry about because it is a widespread error and often comes to the users. But there are ways to solve this, and it can be solved by following the steps mentioned above.

Mainly, there are three steps to fix the error, and these are reinstalling the outlook app, removing cookies from the app, and installing the Outlook app to the latest version. After following the given rules, the user might get the issues and errors solved without any problems.

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