What Are The Plumbing Installation Advice For Your New Home?


Plumbing systems like drainage and wiring forms a fundamental foundation of a new home. It determines the sustainability of your home and whether you would be facing many water-related or plumbing-related issues in the future or not. Thus, it’s very obvious for those who are building and setting up a new home to look for the best plumber in Orange County to provide the services. However, hiring the best is not the only thing you need to do. In fact, that is not the first thing either.

Since it is your new home and you will be dwelling in it with your family, you can’t leave everything to others. So, you should do some research on your own and then hire the best plumber in Orange County. Take advice from professional plumbers for efficient services. If you need skilled plumbers, click here and get experienced plumbers in Orange County. Now, you would be thinking about what you should plan or what kind of strategy you should have right. Don’t stress we have got some very crucial tips and advice for you as you go on to install a new plumbing system at home.

Tips For Effective Plumbing Installation In Your New Home

Shut-off Valves

Don’t think of them as ordinary components in the plumbing system. They can be saviors in situations of pipe bursts or leakages. Thus, you should make sure that you install shut-off valves at the right place and in a sufficient amount while setting the plumbing system. In the future, you can avoid many problems with shut-off valves.

Say, for example, there is a sink in your home, and there is a water leak below it in the piping. So, instead of shutting the main water supply, a shut-off valve would allow you to cut off the supply for that particular area which is the sink in this case. Similarly, if any failure in the main pump or tank happens, the valve would close the outburst of water down the line.


Setting a new home has to obtain certain permits and clearances. One such clearance is related to plumbing which quite often is seen neglected. It is important because you would get assurance after this that your system is going to be set up as per standard procedure and guidelines defined by the respective government. It is important for your and your family’s safety to follow standard operating procedures and clearances.

This stands true not only for the plumbing system but wirings, disaster protection, fire protection, etc as well. You should ensure all the safety for you and your loved ones before moving in.

Check Needs And Leave Space

While setting drainage, washroom system, kitchen, etc are a major part of plumbing installation of a new home there are some things that you might need later. As you plan and set up the system for your present needs you should allow some space for future needs.

Say for example if in the future you feel like setting up a rainwater harvesting and storage system at home. Then your plumbing system should allow you room for that. This would mean getting the groundwater stored connected to the main pump or tank in the house or other such related things.

Centralized Approach

Though it may not be possible all the time it is something that is effective to handle any issues in the future. A centralized approach to setting up a plumbing system calls for the installation of all the elements in one place. This is because any repair or maintenance of the system in the future would be smooth and easy.

Going by this approach you should install your water heater, Sump Pump, furnace etc together in a common area say basement or main floor. Here you should ensure that they are tucked with sufficient space between them and are not cramped up.

Hardness Of Water

Hard water is a big problem in certain areas. If your new home is in such an area then it is important you check that beforehand. As you go on to install a plumbing system it is important that you check that whether the water flowing through it would be hard or normal. Hard water can cause many problems if used in day-to-day life. From affecting the skin to not allowing the formation of leather for cleaning and washing there are many issues associated with it.

Installing water softeners is a thing that you should plan in that case a part of your plumbing system. These softeners can be installed at the main supply line or before the end output points like your kitchen tap, sink tap, etc. However, as general advice, we would recommend installing the water softeners even if you don’t have a problem at present with hard water. This is because water’s hardness is something that can’t be predicted and depends on many factors. So be future safe you can install them right now as you are setting up a new system.

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