Glamorous is the phrase for Plus Size Petite


Many fashion bloggers have come up in today’s world of outstanding fashion trends, and they try to influence people every day. But today, every body type is considered beautiful and elegant.

These fashion bloggers not only impart confidence in people but make themselves feel beautiful in their way. However, body-shaming has not yet vanished completely from people’s minds but has come to a lower level.

Earlier, people used to tease and make fun of others because of their body shapes and colors. Now, as youngsters are growing, they are becoming more aware of such practices, and most of them are not following these and positively impact such topics. They speak in favor of such people. And after all, body size doesn’t matter. All that matters is how the person is by heart.

What is Plus Size Petite?

People must be wondering about exactly the meaning of petite. And what all is this plus size petite. Here in this blog, every question has been answered. So basically, petite is a term that is used for height.

It has no interconnection with the weight of the person or the color of the person. So basically, a person who is below 5.4 is considered petite.

And it is now very simple, as plus size petite means a person below 5.4 inches of height and possesses plus size.

What size is women’s petite

  • Petite as a term has no interconnection or links with the weight of the person.
  • In the industry of fashion and clothing, the name petite is given to a certain size for women who lie under 5.3 to 5.4 inches in height.
  • Many American designers have made petite plus size dresses as the normal dresses are about 5.5 inches in height. Therefore, these would be large enough for the petite women in length.

How to dress when you are plus-sized and petite

If a person is petite, then there are various other ways and style advice to emphasize their best features and enjoy their shape.

It is a well-known fact that shopping for petite ladies is considered a big task for themselves to find the perfect size and fit into the dress. Be it a pair of denim or any dress. It is a big task for all the plus size petite ladies out there who are even plus size. Buying jackets is also considered a problem, as the height of the jacket doesn’t match the width.

  • There shouldn’t be any volume added to the shoulders and chest.
  • The necklines must be commemorated.
  • Horizontal stripes should be evaded.
  • Oversized garments are a big no.
  • Any kind of layering must also be resisted.

Plus size petite women’s clothing

It can be noted that often it is very difficult to find plus size petite women’s clothing that fits into fashion. Every person has a different body type and different tastes in fashion. So, to overcome this issue, there are numerous kinds of clothing designed to satisfy all groups of women. There are also various types of brands that are selling petite plus-size clothing. These are mentioned below as follows:

  • Universal Standard – This brand has made sure about inclusivity and diversity. It includes various types of clothing with a variety. And yes, their plus-size petite pants are the best of all.
  • Lane Bryant – From talking about the plus-size petite jeans or the normal trousers, Lane Bryant has all the petite collections everyone desires. They have the best quality body-hugging jeans.
  • Talbot’s – Talbot is yet another brand for buying plus-size petite clothing. They include all the holiday outfits which anybody can dream of.
  • Madewell – Madewell is a brand that has been launched recently for the plus size. Now they include all the variety in plus size petite pants and trousers.
  • Avenue – There is a wide variety of plus-size petite collections at Avenue. Anybody looking for plus-size formal pants or jeans can check in here.

How to make the perfect choice

  • Hold up a lower neckline.
  • Wear a high-rise jean
  • Broad belts should be prevented
  • Grant emphasis on fitting and flare dress
  • Waistline must be heightened
  • Hold up crop tops
  • Prioritize one-piece garments
  • Wear tailored pants
  • Anything heavy must be prevented
  • Waist should be distinguished well
  • Use of monochromatic colors
  • Prevent anything that is double-breasted

Show your curves

Regardless of the body type, all curves must be accentuated. One should never be worried about the body type and the type of clothing to be worn. The woman should have enough confidence to carry a good body showing dress and show her curves elegantly.

  • The curves bring confidence to a girl in whatever dress she is carrying. A plus-size petite woman may not hesitate to reveal her skin if she is interested enough.
  • All women have different body forms and structures.
  • Therefore, to enhance their body’s beauty and look more elegant, the type of clothing that could be worn must include wearing crop tops with a lower neckline.

How to carry a plus size petite dress

If one is a petite plus-sized, then it is obvious to face challenges while selecting the dress. But keeping the following points in mind can help to carry the dress confidently.

  • Wearing a dress with a lower neckline, such as the U neck, V neck and deep sweetheart neck, can accentuate the assets.
  • The space, mostly short in petite women, can be accentuated by avoiding wearing wider belts. Women with shorter torsos can easily carry dresses by avoiding this.
  • By carrying fit and flare dresses, also known as the A-line dresses, it becomes a favorable silhouette for women of all body kinds and any heights. After wearing an A-line dress, the waist is naturally defined without paying much attention to the belly region.

Petite plus size maxi dresses

The petite, plus-size maxi dresses come in various designs and shapes. They can be simple yet formal, and also, they can be casual in a floral look.

  • For carrying out the maxi dress, one should make sure that it is not baggy enough to deteriorate the look.
  • One should check for deep necklines in the dress. Either go with deep U or deep V necklines.
  • Use a simple and thin belt in your belly area to accentuate the look.
  • Do not use more sleeveless designs as they can make the person look oversized.
  • Always check the color while buying. Choose a deep and subtle color for the dress.
  • Go for lovely florals and beautiful cheques.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes on the dress.

What shouldn’t be carried out with petite

The very common mistakes which petite people must avoid are listed down as follows:

  • Baggy jeans must be avoided at any cost. It will not make them look slim and will deteriorate the whole look. Petite women must go with figure-conscious clothing. For petite women, it is extremely important to wear well-fitted bottoms.
  • Avoid wearing platform heels or chunky footwear as they add bulkiness to the look and draw attention.
  • Long skirts are not made for you, girl. The woman with a petite body shape must avoid long skirts to make their height look shorter than usual.
  • Avoid carrying large bags. Carrying large bags may not be the choice for petite women. Big bags can make the person look dwarf. Instead, small to medium-sized bags can be carried out.
  • Wearing pumps instead of wearing ankle strips is better.

What sizes come under petite clothing

The description of a petite person means a relatively short-height woman or person. Primarily the typical height of a petite person is below 5.4 inches. In common, the word petite pertains to a short-height woman or individual. It has no interconnection with the body contour and extent and also the color of the person. Also, petite women come in all sizes, whether it is size 4 or 14.

Best sites for plus size petite clothing

Today plus size clothing has become very common in all stores, either buying online or offline. Today, online shopping has gained wide popularity not even among the youth but also amongst their parents. Some of the common plus size petite clothing brands are illustrated below –

  • Madewell
  • Lane Bryant
  • ASOS
  • Anthropologie
  • Alfano
  • Wit and Wisdom
  • Halogen

These were some of the popular brands where one can find plus-size petite clothing.

Petite plus size pants

Below are listed some of the common forms of pants which the petite, plus-size woman can wear.

  • Super skinny high-rise jeans
  • Brushed sateen leggings
  • High waisted premium jeans
  • Torrid black skinny jeans
  • Curvy high rise skinny jeans
  • Ultimate stretch skinny jeans
  • Floral embroidered jeans
  • Sculpting skinny jeans

The above-listed pants can make the petite woman look tall and can enhance the look.

Petite plus size loungewear

The petite, plus-size loungewear today can be easily bought from any offline store or even online. These have now become very common in the markets and can be very easily purchased.

Also, when talking about plus-size loungewear, it doesn’t mean track pants or oversized hoodies. And after all, these come in various sizes and prints. It is always a saying that when you look good, you feel good. There are many different types of loungewear available in various prints and designs. These boost up the overall look and make you feel comfortable.

Accessories to carry with petite clothing

To flatter their petite body frame, women can add accessories to their outfits. Some ideas are illustrated below.

  • Try for a skinnier belt
  • Wear a belt of the exact color to your dress
  • Wearing lengthy pendants can complement your petite height
  • A huge no to giant chains
  • Retain a probability for your body
  • Wear scarves in the exact direction
  • Always carry a small bag instead of a large one.


In conclusion, we can say that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The body shape of a person or the color or the height of the person cannot decide their beauty standards. Petite plus size clothing is available throughout the world in all kinds of offline and online stores. Now fashion is not far away. The only thing that matters is that the people looking to get a little bit of everything are all. Enjoy your lives as you only live once.

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