Problems with Water Heaters That Necessarily Require Immediate Repair

Problems with Water Heaters

In cold countries, people used to face a lot of problems with cold waters when water heaters were not invented. But now people can not think of a day without a water heater. People always try to make their life comfortable, and a water heater can do it. Earlier, we had to spend a lot of money and time on the stove and gas for heating the water, but now we can easily switch on or open a tap and get hot water.

So, you have to take care of your water heater. If you don’t take care and repair it in time, then you have to face problems while performing chores during winter days. If you want a water heater repair service in Orange County to ensure the efficient functioning of your water heater, check here.

What Are The Problems You Have To Face With A Damaged Water Heater?

Water heaters do a lot of work behind the scenes in your home, supplying hot water to your faucets and appliances. But sometimes, with more pressure, it can be damaged. A damaged water heater can destroy your house. So here we are discussing the most common water heater problems. When you notice these signs, you should change or repair your water heater..

1. Water Temperature Issues:

Temperature issue is a major problem of a water heater. We use heaters for hot water, but if it stops giving hot water, your purpose won’t get served. Temperature issues can be many types:

Cold Water:

When your water heater cannot supply much power, then you get cold water. It may be the reason for a faulty thermostat or a faulty heating element. When you notice this type of problem, you can reset the circuit breakers and replace blown fuses. Then if the problem will not cure, you can check power switches to make sure you have turned on; and power indicators are lit. At last, look after the thermostat because maybe it does not take power.

Warm Water:

Sometimes you may face a problem with warm water. Maybe it is warm but not hot enough. However, this is also a problem. It happens because:

  • Undersized water heater
  • Crossed hot and cold connections
  • Faulty heating element or thermostat

When you face it, you should turn off the water heater faucet, and if it still creates a problem, maybe the cross-connection happened. So for this problem, you need to call a technician. They will check the thermostat and make it properly sized. Want water heater repair in Orange County? Click here to get the top water heater repair in Orange County.

Too Hot Water:

Sometimes you may face a problem if you get too much hot water. Such issues occur when your thermostat state becomes too high. Call the experts in Orange County to set it precisely to get hot water at optimum temperature.

2. Age:

A hot water heater can give you service for 8 to 10 years. It can go for 12 years if it is a good quality heater, properly installed and maintained. If you see your water heater give you lukewarm water, then be sure you have to go for a new one. The appliance can work for a short time span, but it can not give you hot water all the time.

You used it for the whole day and the whole year until now. There may be rust as you have used it too much. Hard water carries a lot of minerals. There is an anode rod in the heater that attracts these sediments and allows them to settle down the tank. So, the rust builds up at the bottom of the tank.

3. Problems Of Leakage:

Water Leakage can destroy your whole water heater as well as your home. So, you have to take steps too fast when water leakage occurs. There are many reasons like a faulty temperature and pressure, release valve, improper water pressure, overheating, a stuck valve, a leak from nearby plumbing connection, loose heating element bolts, a bad gasket, a leaking water tank, etc. So when you face the problem, you can check:

  • Plumbing connection if it is loose or not
  • You should check the heating element bolts. Make sure those are not loose.
  • If the problems are still there, you can get water heater repair services in Orange County to check the leakages or to replace the gasket.

4. The Problem Of Discolored Water:

Do you get the discolored water from the tap? Then maybe it is the reason for the water heater damage. The water became rusty. However, this basically occurs for failing anode rod. It is very beneficial for you if you notice it earlier and call an expert. If you do not do this, it may be the reason for your replacement of the whole water heater. When you call a technician in Orange County, they will replace the anode rod and save your heater.

5. Odd noises:

You may get an odd noise from your water heater. However, it happens because of sediment build-up. You can fix the problem by flushing the water heater. If the problem still occurs, then you should call an expert.


Water heaters can help a person a lot. So always take care of it. Also, you should change the water heater after a certain time. However, always provide the best service and check it regularly.