Simple Steps to Follow For Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement

There are some basic steps that will help you easily replace or remove the roof of your flat. Even it will also offer you a hassle-free task if you go with step by step process to remove the roof. Besides that, people who are going to renovate their house or going to give a new look to their house or flat first need to start with the flat roof replacement. The task not will help you to all remove the roof quickly from your flat at the same time it will again help you to place the roof as well in the previous position.

There are thousands of people who are looking for the easiest ways to practice, so that, they can renovate their flat roofs. At the same time, many people also think that the whole process takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work as well. But all the hard work will become very quick and easy if a particular person follows all the basic guidelines for flat roof replacement. Similarly, people, who are looking for a hassle-free task for themselves to renovate their flat roof, can follow the guidance of this particular article. Today here in this article, we are going to share some of the very simple and quick steps to remove or replace the roof system.

A Few Ways To Practice Flat Roof Replacement

Now here in this paragraph, we are going to find out all the steps that will simply help all of you to replace the roof of your flat very easily. Let’s find out the steps to apply to replace the roof system.

A) Removing the Old Roof

There are mainly two ways to follow to remove the flat roofing system. At first, all the house owners will have to remove the old roof before replacing them with a new one. Besides that, there are lots of other ways will be also included in this particular way that will also help you to remove the old roof quickly. Let’s find out the ways in detail.

1. Remove the plies of the flat

To remove the old roof first you need to start by removing the plies from the flat. And whenever you are involving yourself in the task, you should wear full sleeves dress, long pants, and safety glasses. By standing on the firm section of the roof one can start removing plies off the roof whether it is fabrics, mats, or the layers of the flat.

2. Pull off the mortar-filled perimeter framework

After that, step by step you will also have to pull off the entire mortar-filled perimeter framework from the old roofing system. And without removing the perimeter framework, you will not perfectly remove or renovate the old roofing system of your flat quickly.

3. Remove the remaining perimeter

At the same time, you will also have to pay attention to the remaining perimeter of your flat and you need to immediately remove all of them before placing the new roofing system on your flat. This is another one of the steps that will directly help you to reach the next step to continue the removal process.

4. Scrape off any remaining pieces

After that, every one of you will find out some other remaining pieces of the scrape on the roofing system of your flat. Simply going with the step you can remove the flat easily.

5. Lever the felt flush to the perimeter

After that, again you will have to find out the lever layers of the roofing system and need to quickly remove or flush them all.

6. Discard the last piece of felt

In the next part, you will again find out some of the discarded and the last pieces of the felt on the roof system of your flat.

7. Lever off the timber fillets if present

And lastly, by removing all the last pieces and lever off the timber fillets, every one of you will be able to remove or replace the old roof system of your flat very naturally without facing any struggle.

B) Attaching an EPDM Roof

After knowing all the steps to remove the roof removal system, now let us find out some of the ways that will help you to attach the roof again to its place.

1. Measure your roof and select the size

First, you need to take the right measurement of your roof and need to select the right size to attach again to the previous position. Without taking the right measurement you will not able to finish or will able to give a perfect finish to your roof system.

2. Open the EPDM square vertically

After taking the measurement now here is the time to open the EPDM in a square or vertical way. This way will simply help you to attach the new roofing system.

3. Spread the vertical EPDM

After that, you will have to spread the EPDM in a vertical way again. This will make your task much more effective and easier.

4. Draw the EPDM membrane back from the left

After spreading the EPDM, now you will have to draw the EPDM membrane from the left side of your flat.

5. Apply water-based adhesive horizontally

After that just apply a water-based adhesive horizontally and draw the line.

6. Lay the membrane into the adhesive

In the next step, you will again have to lay the membrane in the right order so that you can attach the new roofing system.

7. Press the membrane into the position

Hold the membrane and press it with pressure into the position. And whenever you will press the membrane in the right direction with the right position, it will help you to attach the roofing system.

8. Attach the other side of the EPDM matrix

Lastly, attach the other side of your system with the help of the EPDM matrix, and with this particular step the whole removing and attaching system of your home roof system will be completed.


Therefore, these are the simple guidance or the simple instructions that every one of you will have to follow for the flat roof replacement system. Do follow all the step-by-step processes to bring out the result for yourself quickly for the roof replacement system.