Complete Guide to Styling Your Summer Wedding Outfits for Men


Your big day waits for you, and you are excited, or at least she is. With the excitement comes the annoying summer heat. One question that might come to your head is some of the best wedding outfits for men and how to dress for your big day without feeling the sweat flow down the body.

While tying a knot with the love of your life during summer at a beach might seem like an ideal destination, you need to select the right fabric, pattern, and color. With that said, here is a detailed guide for summer wedding outfits for men. So let us get started.

Best Summer Fabrics For Wedding Attire For Men

 Here are some of the best fabrics you can try for casual wedding attire for men.

  • Woolen Suits

A worsted wool suit has woolen fibers straightened out individually, twisted, and spun together in a yarn. Heavier suits have a lower “super number.” (Super count refers to the fineness of the woolen strands).

You need to look out for suits with lower super wool count suits during the winter season, while the summer season is associated with wearing suits with a higher super wool count. A higher super wool count ensures the fabric breathes easily and offers a higher comfort level during summer.

  • Linen Suits

Linen is a lightweight fabric that you can wear during spring and summer. Since linen is breathable, lighter, and durable, it works the best for a warmer climate. The only disadvantage is that it creases easily, so you must avoid it when attending corporate meetings.

If you are looking for an exclusive draper for your wedding outfit, linen suits are the best choice for your big day.

Tip: You can try dark color linen suites like charcoal grey or dark brown. However, you can try lighter colors like tan, creams, or off-whites for summer wedding outfits for men.

  • Seersucker Suits

The term seersucker is derived from India, known as “Shir-O-Shakar,” which in the Persian language means “Milk or Sugar,” referring to the nature of the fabric- smooth yet crinkled.

It is a lighter weight, crinkled, striped summer fabric made from puckered cotton. The stripes allow the air into the fabric, which helps you to stay cool. Seersucker’s material properties make it the best outfit for summer weddings and also come with great color schemes and patterns. You can try solid color shirts with tie patterns.

  • Cotton Suits

Cotton suits are the most versatile wedding outfits for men. If you are looking for a refined and casual look, then go for cotton attire. You can try colors like baby blue cotton for some better results.

  • Chambray Suits

Chambray is another lightweight cotton fabric that is similar to denim material. Chambray is a little glossy, comfortable, durable, and can be draped easily. Nowadays, many high-end brands are introducing Chambray as casual wedding attire for men.

What to wear to a summer wedding?- Summer wedding outfits for men

  • Formal and Traditional Wedding Outfits For Men

Morning or a formal day dress is similar to the white tie dress code, which is more formal than the black-tie dress code. It is the most formal daytime summer wedding attire for men.

The morning wedding attire for men consists of a long tail morning coat with a waistcoat and formal trousers. Morning dress is mostly worn in the United Kingdom. Morning or formal day wedding outfits for men consists of:

  • Black or grey morning coat.
  • Striped black or solid grey trousers.
  • White or light blue French cuff shirts.
  • Waistcoat
  • Silk necktie
  • Well-polished black shoes.


  • Black Tie Summer Wedding Outfits For Men

Formal summer evening attire is known as a black tie. This dress consists of a dinner suit with contrast lapels in grosgrain or silk fabric and trousers with braiding. It also has a white dress with a turn-down collar and cufflinks with studs in the front. You can pair your formal summer evening attire with formal black shoes and a self-tied black bow tie.

  • The Beach or Destination Wedding Outfit

Going to a beach or a destination wedding? Try out one of the summer fabrics mentioned above. The cool and lightweight nature of these fabrics will ensure you stay comfortable and cool all day.

Note: Your cotton or linen shirt should have a softer collar that matches your summer suit jacket.

  • The Country Wedding Attire For Men

If you are attending a country wedding during the summers, keep your wedding attire for men casual. You can adhere to a casual outfit consisting of trousers, a jacket, a shirt, and a tie.

You can go in a light grey, light blue, or cream suit. You can choose the fabric and color according to your choice. However, we recommend you go ahead with linen or a cotton shirt with semi-formal shoes like loafers.

  • City Wedding Outfits For Men

If you are attending a city wedding, men’s summer wedding attire should be in dark-colored suits. You can go ahead with any of the cotton fabrics we mentioned above. You can style your casual wedding attire for men with color combinations that interest you. For example, you can go with a pink or burgundy tie to wear a light blue shirt.

You can also try wearing a patterned tie, which makes you look stylish and aesthetic at the same time.

The Best Ways To Style Your Summer Wedding Outfits For Men

  • Contemporary Two-Piece Suit

This is the most versatile wedding outfit for men. this outfit ensures you look the best on your wedding day. Try choosing a suit in grey or navy blue or some light summer-friendly colors like beige or cream.

  • Three-Piece Suit

The classic three-piece wedding suit is designed to give your outfit a more serious punch. Undoubtedly it is the best way to style for your big day.

  • The Dinner Suit

A few summer weddings require mandatory black-tie attire. If your invite says a dress code, then style yourself in a tuxedo. Tuxedos are the best and have a high value.

  • Double Breasted Suit

A double-breasted suit will stand out in a summer wedding. Style this outfit with dark-colored accessories. This outfit will make your chest look wider and accentuate that coveted v-shape. You can also try a double-breasted jacket with four, six, or eight buttons, increasing the length and making you look much taller.


If you are attending a less formal event, you can try wearing a simple sports jacket with pants that will help you stand out, and the best part is that these are very comfortable.

Separates can be blazers and trousers that don’t come from the same suit. This gives you the freedom to mix different colors and look modern instead of the usual two-piece suit. Moreover, it also offers flexibility. For example, you can replace your trousers with chinos.

Take away

Whether it is your wedding or attending your relative’s or friend’s wedding, you need to stand out, and your outfit speaks for you. Most importantly, if you are attending a summer wedding, you need to make sure your summer wedding outfits for men are comfortable. Here in this post, we mentioned some of the best materials you can try for your summer wedding attire men and different ways to style it and stand out from everyone else in the wedding.

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