Top tips on hiring a technical recruiters

technical recruiters

With the market flooded with tech graduates, it has become a daunting task for companies to find skilled candidates. Studies suggest that the demand for software developers, UX designers, etc., is expected to rise significantly in the following years, more than that of any other occupation. This implies that tech recruiting is going to get more competitive in the coming years.

So, what is technical talent, and why has it become difficult to recruit them? Technical talent is a talent pool of candidates and employees who possess innovative technical skills to drive the company they are working in towards success. Roles like software developers, IT professionals, Data Scientists, UX designers, etc. are regarded as technical roles. Over the years, the tech industry has seen rapid growth, creating the demand for specialized labor. However, the market is unable to supply skilled workers to meet the growing needs. This has left the companies with very few options, having to compete against each other by offering higher salaries. Recommended this website for top senior technical recruiter. Here is a list of top tips that will improve your tech recruiting strategy.

Understand the tech jargon

It is crucial for you as an employer to be familiar with the technical jargon. You need to possess an understanding of different tech terms. Doing this will help you source effective tech talent and comes in handy while writing job descriptions for the vacant positions in your company. Additionally, possessing the tech knowledge will keep you in a better position and come in handy while interviewing the candidates for various tech roles. If possible, try to incorporate your IT team into the recruitment process and push them to participate in meetups, conferences, etc., to leave a message about how your company operates.

Invest time on developing a career site

After hearing about a company, the first thing that people do is google it to get more information about it. For people to understand about your company, the type of hires you do, etc., you need to restructure your careers page and make it attractive to the target audience you are aiming for. You can also make use of your company’s blog to give potential candidates a little sneak peek into your company’s culture.

Know the details of the position you are hiring for

If you are not from the tech background, then you are sure to confuse the different tech-related terms. This will end you up in confusing the essential skills, responsibilities, and duties of the various tech positions. To avoid this, you should at least have a little knowledge about the job you are hiring for, like the important skills required for the role.

Reach out to developers with information about the vacant role

When you get in touch with the tech candidates during the sourcing stage, you should prepare yourself to share details about the job role they have applied for. By doing this, you are addressing the developer’s expectations through your mail. A survey suggests that developers predominantly look for the estimate of compensation they will receive once they take up the new job. So, it is the duty of the recruiter to share the full details of the company and let the developers know why they are a good fit for the given job role. The developers prefer to know all these details over email rather than on call.

Reach out to developers globally

With globalization, it has become common for companies to recruit their employees globally. This worldwide recruiting is not new for the tech industry. Outsourcing developers is an excellent way for companies to get the best talent at affordable costs. With the coming of the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal. Companies can utilize this opportunity to outsource talent from other countries at cheaper costs.

Maintain short and relevant testing procedure

Progressing times require modern methods in place. Sticking to the age-old recruitment process will do more harm than good. The conventional recruiting process involved typical pen-paper tasks, solving whiteboard quizzes, answering random questions posed by the interviewer, and waiting patiently for the results. However, the latest technological advancements and the growing competition makes the conventional recruiting process ineffective. Developers now call for more effective screening and interview processes. They are willing to take technical skill assessments as long as they are executed in the right way.

Having an effective skill-testing procedure in place will also help the recruiter get a glimpse of each developer’s work, easing out the recruitment process.

Have a clear idea about the skills to be tested

Before you go ahead with testing a candidate’s skills, you need to research to find out about the famous and much-demanded skills in the market. Knowing this will help you shift your focus and efforts to some particular candidates. Most job roles often require numerous skills, and it is obvious for them to be tested together.

Send the test invites at the beginning of the week

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their weekends? After all, everyone wants their share of peace and leisure after working hard the entire week. The same is the case with developers. Developers typically have their week lined up with projects to be executed. They spend their whole week working on these projects, simultaneously coding as their hobby. So, if you are looking for developers to give your test, then it is best to send the coding test during the weekdays rather than on weekends. You can’t expect to get a response for the test you send during the weekends.

Upgrade the interview process

The interview process is often described as the exhausting part of the job search process. Typically, the interview room is the place where most companies are bound to make mistakes. So, this area of the recruitment process needs to be worked upon. Having robust technical screening software in place will save your time and resources by limiting the number of face-to-face interviews. You can also check the candidates’ references and learn more about them from their previous employer. Having fewer candidates to interview will save both your time and the candidates’ time. In short, you need to focus on building an interview that verifies the candidate’s work as stated on their resume, along with their technical skills and previous work experience.

Prepare yourself to negotiate the salary

With the rising demand for tech talent, candidates now have various options to choose from. This made them become more selective about the positions they would like to work in. The prevailing competition in the market has pushed the companies to pay more to hire the best talent. However, the employer must always negotiate the salary as per the industry standards.

In order to retain your tech talent, it is advisable for you to offer training and certification programs. This will not only benefit you with better-qualified employees but will also benefit your tech employees as they challenge themselves with improving their skills.

Start an employee referral program

Your current employees are most likely to have a close network of tech friends. You can make use of their network to rope in more potential candidates for your company. By setting up a structured employee referral program, you can reward your employees with bonuses every time they make some referrals.

Invest in hiring a technical recruiter

The best way to attract potential candidates to your vacant job position is by writing an enticing advertisement describing the duties of the post. If you have no experience in the tech field, it is best if you avoid writing the job description. Nothing is as worse as publishing a job description that makes no sense to the tech candidates. Posting a wrong job description will waste your money and deter potential candidates from applying for the role.

The best solution for this is hiring a technical recruiter who is well versed in the industry. A technical recruiter has several contacts in the tech industry. In addition to this, they have an efficient screening process that will provide you with the best fit. You can simply hire a technical recruiter and leave the job of hiring to them.  Recommended this website for top senior technical recruiter.

Tech recruiting is a difficult task to handle. You can’t expect to bring sudden changes in the recruitment process. But you need to start somewhere and familiarize yourself with what is necessary for the industry and how your competitors are doing.