What Presents to Avoid for Your Partner?


Not all of us are blessed with the ability to give great gifts, but we’d like to be able to avoid the pitfalls. The best way to give your partner a gift they would appreciate is to pay attention to them. Listen to what they get excited about. That will give you a clue about what they might most enjoy receiving.

Just be careful, though – even if someone expresses how much they love animals, a pet might not be the best present to get them. In fact, it is number one on our list of things not to get your partner!

In no particular order, here is the list:

  • Pets: Even if someone loves animals, they may not be ready for a pet. After all, animals have a lot of responsibility. They need vet visits, food, and toys, and they need attention and care. Dogs need to be walked, and cats need to be petted and played with. If your partner has expressed a desire for a pet, the best thing to do is to suggest going to the shelter with them. But make sure you are both ready for the responsibility!
  • A Scale: No. Just… no. Your partner will immediately suspect there is something about their body you don’t like. Don’t go there.
  • Cooking or Cleaning Equipment: Unless your partner has specifically asked for a particular item in this category, avoid these. The exception might be if your partner collects a particular brand or type of item, but even then, better to not go there unless they have made it clear that is what they want.
  • Trips: While everyone loves to travel, and traveling with your partner is certainly romantic, it’s not a good idea to book a trip without consulting with your partner. What if you reserve the trip for dates that they need to work, for example? A better idea if you must give a vacation – don’t actually book the hotel or airfare – offer the trip as a gift that you will then book together.
  • Holiday Themed Lingerie: This gift comes across as selfish – really for you and not for them. People can enjoy getting really comfortable sleepwear that fits their personal style, but it will be highly unlikely that holiday-themed items fit that description.
  • Re-gifting an Item from Your Ex: If your Ex once used it, don’t give it to your new squeeze. Whether jewelry, clothing, or even a set of golf clubs they used – this will not go over well with your partner.

So, what types of gifts are sure winners?

Hickory Farms has wine gift baskets that come in many varieties so it is easy to find a basket that will delight your sweetheart. With so many different gifts to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect, thoughtful gift for your special someone.

If your partner has a green thumb, the Blooms and Bites wine basket, for example, has seeds included. The Meat and Cheese Tower is the perfect gift for carnivores while the Sonoma basket contains fine chocolates. There is even a basket with beer for those who prefer that beverage!

One of these great gift baskets will be sure to please your partner and keep you in their good graces.

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