How to Hide Instagram Posts without Unfollowing: A Simple Guide to Follow


Every Day after waking up, It becomes a common practice for the maximum number of young boys and girls to check out all the social media platforms. The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and lots of other platforms become an integral part of our daily life. The youth are spending a lot of time every day on different types of social media platforms by uploading their pictures and videos.

The purpose behind uploading their photos and videos is to have numerous likes and comments. Initially, the following numbers become another more attractive part of social media platforms. Every now and then people like to utilize different types of tricks which can help them to have lots of fan following.

However, sometimes a person might get irritated when some unusual post appeared on they are very favorite social media platform. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram they want to immediately hide them from their timeline or news feed as well.

The same thing if you are facing in your Instagram account then you will have to know how to hide Instagram posts without unfollowing. To simply hide someone’s story or shared post from your news feed you need to go through or practice a few easy steps. However, without unfollowing someone you can still manage to hide their post from your timeline and news feed quickly. Besides knowing the steps how to hide Instagram posts without unfollowing there are Lots more other interesting things that you need to know equally.

How to hide someone on Instagram

Every now and then the social media sides are grooming just to provide the best experience and services to all their users. Therefore, if you want to know how to hide someone from Instagram without notifying them then follow these easy things and do the task by yourself fast. Here in this below paragraph, we are going to discuss all those simple and effective ways that you need to go through. Let us check out the steps for hiding someone from Instagram quickly.

Besides that, if you are hiding someone from Instagram then it does not mean that you are blocking them. You will still get the information about their profile if someone tags them in their post. On the other side by visiting their pages or account you can simply get all the latest and previous updates that they made on Instagram as well. However, it will only stop you from having any future updates from a particular account.

By simply doing all the steps of how to hide Instagram posts without unfollowing you can hide someone from your profile and stop having future updates. All you need to do to simply visit their account. After that, you will see a 3 dot sign on the top of the right corner of the profile. Simply clicking on the 3 dots will get numerous options in front of you. There you will also see the option to mute someone without unfollowing or unfriending them. And lastly, you need to just click on that option to confirm this procedure to hide someone from Instagram.

How to hide someone’s posts on Instagram:

Now let us learn how to hide someone’s post on Instagram by practicing a few simple steps quickly. Suppose you want to hide someone’s post from your timeline and you don’t want to see there any future stories or posts in your account. Therefore, the steps which will help you to do this task easily are mentioned in the below paragraph.

First, you need to open your Instagram account as soon as possible.

By visiting the search bar section you need to type that particular person’s name and need to click on the search icon immediately.

After that, when their profile will appear in front of you need to click on their profiles to open their account.

Besides their profile in the right side top corner, you will see that three-dot sign.

The next step is by clicking on those three icons you will have the muting or hiding option.

To confirm your procedure you will simply have to click on the Hide option.

And after that, you will never see any post from them or any stories from their side on your timeline initially.

How to hide someone’s Instagram posts from your feed:

After knowing all the steps of how to hide Instagram posts without unfollowing, you will also have to know the steps, which will initially help you to hide the post of someone from your news feed. If any user does not want to see someone’s post on their News Feed then they will have to simply practice a few easy tasks on Instagram. After that, practicing each one of the tasks or steps will ensure you do not offer any one of the future posts from their side. Let us quickly know about all the tasks that a user needs to follow.

The very moment when a user will see a particular post of someone they need to simply click on the right side 3 dot option of the post.

After that, they will find an option with mute or hide.

In the next step, they need to confirm with hiding posts from the news feed to stop having any other updates from that particular person.

How to hide Instagram Stories

Hiding the Instagram stories from your timeline or News Feed is a little bit different from hiding posts without unfollowing someone. There are some specific ways that you need to do to accomplish the result of hiding stories of someone from Instagram. Make sure you do all the steps effectively and carefully if you do not want to receive any further stories of someone on your Instagram.

There are two types of methods are available to hide Instagram stories of someone. By visiting their account and clicking on the three-dot button you will see the hiding option of stories. You can do the task and finish it off of there.

Additionally, you can also hide the stories of someone when you will see the stories are coming in front of you while checking out other uses stories. The same procedure you need to follow Again by clicking on the 3 dots right side of the story section you can hide them in future posts initially.

How to hide stories on Instagram

Subsequently, if you are searching out all the ways which can initially help you to hide stories on Instagram of someone then you need to follow the below steps.

Just open your Instagram account and go to the search bar.

After typing the name of that particular person you need to open their account by clicking on the profile icon.

Besides that, you just need to simply tap on the account and hold it for a few seconds. There will be arrived the option Mute.

And ultimately you will click on the mute story option by tapping on the very option.

Hence, all these necessary steps users need to follow if he or she wants to mute someone’s story from their Instagram account. On the other hand, they can also hide someone’s post from their News Feed as well as from their Timeline without notifying them or unfollowing them.


Therefore, these are some simple steps of how to hide Instagram posts without unfollowing someone. You can also follow up all these above-mentioned ways to hide someone’s post from your timeline for someone’s stories from Instagram as well.

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