How to Turn Off Link Sharing On Samsung Mobile Phones Quickly


Using mobile phones becomes one of the most integral parts of our life. On our regular days to connect with our friends, family members, relatives, Bosses, colleagues, and other people we have to take the help of mobile phones. Numerous branded mobile phones are available in the markets that are offered every now and then multiple features. Numerous popular brands make their places in the heart of human beings and people like to use branded mobile phones for hundreds of features.

Therefore, at currently one of the most popular and demanded mobile brand is Samsung. Millions of people around the whole world are using the brand Samsung and purchasing the best mobile phone to experience all the features.

But sometimes the unusual notifications that come up instantly in the display make you to irritating and angry. Multiple links even appear on the home screen while you are using your phone or doing your official work or personal work. To get rid of this particular problem you can just turn off your notification by going to the settings. Initially, you can also read all the steps on how to turn off link sharing on Samsung mobile.

What Is Samsung Link Sharing?

To all the Samsung mobile phones the brand is offered multiple features. Especially for the Samsung Galaxy users, they are able to share any link to any other Samsung Galaxy users. From the thinnest video link sharing to the largest video link sharing it is the fastest way to send them. The user can also send all the links above 5 MB quickly by sharing the Samsung links to other Samsung Galaxy users.

However, the problem of appearing unusual links on the home display can sometimes be irritating for the users. Moreover, by following a few instructions the problem can be solved, and here we are going to offer you all the instructions on how to turn off link sharing on Samsung mobile.

How To Turn Off Link Sharing On Samsung

For those who are beginners and using the Samsung Galaxy phone for the first time, the problem might appear a difficult task to handle. However, that problem is not so big that other users cannot handle it. By following a few simple steps they can solve the problem of how to turn off link sharing. Let’s see the following instructions that you need to follow on your Samsung mobile to turn off link sharing Samsung.

  1. If you are facing the problem of an unusual link appearing on your home screen then at first you need to identify the application.
  2. By holding the link for a few seconds you will automatically reach the application.
  3. After that, you will receive that three-dot option top of the corner or top of the right side.
  4. By clicking on the icon there will appear multiple options in front of you. You need to find out the turn-off of the link option among them.
  5. And lastly, by Clicking on the option every one of you can turn off the link appearing on your screen instantly.

Things To Be Done On How To Turn Off Link Sharing

Subsequently, all the Samsung users can also turn off any other applications link at any time, by following some of the basic instructions. If the user does not want to receive any other notification in the future, they will simply follow the instruction at first. Let’s follow all the instructions of link sharing Samsung to turn off. It is possible for all the Samsung users to turn off to get any unusual links from the application that they are using on their phone.

They can modify all the functions of the applications anytime by using basic instructions. If you are fed up getting multiple links while working on your phone then probably these simple steps are going to solve your problem naturally. Let’s follow the steps and apply them every time whenever you are facing a problem with your Samsung phone.

1. Tap The Link Sharing Icon

Whenever you see the notification is coming on your home screen you need to simply tap on the icon or press the icon for a few moments.

  1. After pressing the icon you will automatically redirect to the application settings.
  2. There will appear the 3 dot sign at the corner of the top right side.
  3. And lastly bye by clicking on the icon you can stop having the links or can turn off the notification fast.

2. Add Pictures With Plus Sign

Initially, all the users can also take the help of the ‘Plus’ sign instead of using any particular picture. To turn off the notification you can also go with this particular instruction. All the users will simply have to click on the ‘Plus’ sign button to turn off any notification from coming. Besides that, you can also set the same settings for opening an application to your Samsung mobiles. By adding the Plus sign on your home screen or instead of adding any picture you will be able to go through a particular application that you want to use.

3. Erase All Samsung Social Data

It is very common to share the links from one Samsung device to another Samsung device for connecting with each other. Even the links play a major role to go through all the important data of a particular device. Therefore, if you are a user of Samsung mobile and want to turn off the social data links receiving then follow the below steps.

  1. At first, all the users will have to open their settings from the Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. After that, by selecting the particular application that you want to turn off the notification you will have to continue the process.
  3. In the third stage, all the users will have to click on the manage applications option.
  4. In the next step, they will have to click on the option all social Hubs.
  5. And lastly, by clicking on the option clear data, will be able to remove all the social data all social Samsung data from their device.

How To Turn Off Link Sharing In Google Photos On Mobile And PC

Subsequently, if you want to know the step-by-step processes on how to turn off link sharing in Google photos on your mobile or PC and follow the paragraph to solve your problem. If you are a user and want to turn off the link-sharing in Google photos on your Android phone then follow the below instruction as we mentioned.

  1. At first, all the Android users will have to navigate the photo album by opening the Google photos.
  2. After that, the users will be able to see the three-dot icon at the top of the right corner.
  3. From the three-dot icon, the users need to find out the ‘option’ category.
  4. By clicking on the link-sharing enable option they can turn off receiving any notifications.
  5. However, the copy link option below should be visible and should be turned on all the time because it will help you to share links with other Android users.

Subsequently, if you are using a laptop or a PC and if you want to turn off the notification of your Google photos then go through all the instructions that we are going to share below.

  1. From your computer or PC at first, open your Google photos.
  2. Then find out the option album.
  3. Later on, click on any one of the albums that you wish to turn off.
  4. Thereafter click on the three-dot icon and then select the ‘option’ category.
  5. And lastly, click on the enable option to turn off link sharing. Moreover, you can also keep the link saved by copy-pasting below.


All are these basic and simple instructions that all the Samsung users will need to follow or go to every day to solve the problem of how to turn off link sharing. Undoubtedly, they will be able to solve the problem immediately by themselves within a few moments.


How do I turn off link sharing on Samsung mobile phone?

To turn off link sharing on Samsung mobile phones there are a few instructions that all the users will go through. However, in this article, we are already discussing all the step-by-step processes to turn off the link sharing. However by visiting your settings option to your Samsung mobile and by opening any one of the particular applications you can turn off the link-sharing notification.

What is link sharing on my Android phone?

A link-sharing on the Android phone is sending a particular link from one device to another device with the same brand of phone. On the other side, this also means the unusual link appearing on the home screen while utilizing a particular mobile phone.

What is Samsung link sharing?

The Samsung link sharing is the feature through which a particular Samsung user is able to send other users a link that they want to share.

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