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Jose Stemkens is known as the wife of Titus Welliver. She is a Dutch fashion consultant and was a model previously. Here in this article, we have mentioned everything about Jose Stemkens. You will find all the information including Jose Stemkens age, height, weight, net worth, and everything about Titus Welliver Jose Stemkens relationship. So let us get started.

Who is Jose Stemkens?

Jose Stemkens was a not-so-famous model who later turned into the most famous fashion consultant and entrepreneur. Jose founded the Sunrise Fashion Consultancy. She is a pretty women with a good fashion sense.

She was married to Titus Welliver, a talented and popular TV actor, and a painter. He is also known for the most popular TV series called  The Goodwife. Did you know that Jose Stemkens became more popular when she got married to the most famous actor, Titus?

Jose Stemkens Early Life And Career

Jose Stemkens was born in Tambis, South Africa, and grew up in the Netherlands. The fashion star was born on December 29 of 1987, and her star sign is Capricorn. After finishing her studies, she went to abroad and became a professional fashion consultant. There is no information about her parents, and she never spoke about them in any of the interviews. Jose Stemkens stands 5.4″ tall. Here ethnicity is African American.

She is a fashion consultant who is very enthusiastic and professional . She was not famous before starting her career as a fashion consultant at Sunrise Fashion Consultancy, Jose Stemkens model. As of 2021, Jose Stemkens age is thirty three years.

Jose Stemkens Relationship And Marriage

As mentioned, Jose Stemkens was born and brought up in South Africa. She moved to Holland after she started her career as a fashion consultant. She is married to the most popular TV star and actor, Titus Welliver. They got hitched in April 2014.

Titus Welliver Jose Stemkens then moved to California. Today, Jose managed her business from California. Titus became popular after the TV series Lost. The main storyline of the series evolved around a group of people who mistakenly landed on an island.

The show was very exciting, humorous, thrilling, and confusing all at the same time. After the success of Lost, Mr. Titus played a role in another TV series called The Good Wife, which became very popular. Apart from TV series, he also worked in other movies like the fourth part of the Transformers movie named Transformers: Age of extinction and Agro as the Ben Affleck. Did you know that the Titus Welliver Jose Stemkens marriage was the fourth marriage for Titus? Jose Stemkens do not have a child of their own.

However, she is the stepmother of the three children of Titus from his previous wives. They had two sons named Quinn Welliver and Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver and a daughter Cora McBride Welliver.

Titus’s first wife was Heather Wielandt, and they had no child. Later he married an actress called Joanna Heimbold and had two sons. However, they divorced due to some disputes. Later he married a famous producer Elizabeth Alexander and had their first daughter named Cora. She passed away in the year 2012. In 2014, he again got married to the most famous fashion diva and consultant, Jose Stemkens.

Early Life and Career

Before she started her career as a consultant and started her own business, Jose was a fashion model in Europe that was unknown to many. She worked as a model for many European modeling companies. She also worked with Espirit, an International casual clothing brand, in June 1995. Jose Stemkens was a frequent traveler and regularly visited a few major cities across the globe as the senior project manager. She visited cities like Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, LA, and NYC. Jose worked with Espirit for more than ten years before becoming the International Account Manager for The Great Wall of China, which is the central hub for selling luxurious casual clothing to many boutiques globally.

The Successful Life Of Jose Stemkens

Jose was the president of The Dash Company, whose main aim was to grow its business in the USA. In June 2009, she resigned from her account manager job at the Great Wall of China. She worked with Dept and JC RAGS to bring it to the United States. She then worked at the House of Quirky as the vise president and offered high-end brands at the lowest price. She has helped many businesses grow and now has helped in opening stores throughout the city. She also opened many stores in California the very next year. With the help of Jose Stemkens, the House of Quirky has created eight brands successfully. They sell their exclusive fashion garments to many fashion show locations like: Staple the Label, P MINI PINK, Evol Twin, Paint it Red, Lost Girls, and more. After years of working as president and vice president for many brands, Jose Stemkens started her new company called Sunrise Fashion Consultancy, a fashion consultancy agency. This consultancy company became very successful in significantly less time because of her interest and experience in building a strong brand, effective marketing, and the experience in opening successful stores and maintaining them. Apart from working and managing her own company, she also offers services to many fashion brands in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Jose Stemkens’s Net Worth

As we all know, Jose Stemkens is a professional fashion consultant and started her career as a fashion model. Today as a fashion entrepreneur, her net worth is more than $1 million. Her primary source of income is from her own California-based consultancy company named Sunrise Fashion Consultancy. Apart from this, she also works with many European brands and offers consultancy services that help them to grow. Since she has experience in the fashion industry, she earns more than $50k annually. She has made so much progress as a consultant because, at the starting of her modeling career, she earned around $15,000 annually. Jose’s husband Titus is a popular actor who has acted in many TV series and has a net worth of 5 million dollars. Some of this famous TV series are The Good Wife, Men In Black, and Transformer: Part 4. He has also featured in movies like Agro and played the role of Jon Bates. Although the budget of the movie was only $45 million, it turned to be a super hit movie and made a collection of $233 million at the box office.

FAQs About Jose Stemkens

 What ethnicity is Titus Welliver?

 Titus Welliver is an American and belongs to the German, Irish, Scottish, and English ethnicity.

How old is Jose Stemkens?

Jose Stemkens was born on 29th December 1987, and her star sign is Capricorn. In December 2021, she will turn 34.

What is Titus Welliver’s net worth?

As per the sources, Titus Welliver’s net worth is $4 million. However, he earns around $55 thousand per month.

Does Titus Welliver paint?

Apart from being a well-known actor who has worked in many movies, he is also a painter who got his painting skills from his father.

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