List Of Popular Duck Names For You To Select!


Humans often like to keep different types of pets in their houses. Some of the most popular pets which initially human beings like to keep at the houses are dogs, cats, cows, Ducks, and many more others. Besides keeping all the pets at the house, the owners often called them numerous names. You can even identify all your pets with various types of names.

However, you need to consider the names which you are offering your face should sound good and interesting. It will always be better to call all your pets with a specific name so that they can understand the thing you are calling them out. Let us check out some of the popular and interesting duck names which you can choose for your pets anytime.

Female Duck Names

Do you have female ducks at your houses? Are you searching out for the best names for your female ducks? If yes then consider the below suggested names for your female ducks. In the below paragraph we are going to offer you some of the best names for female ducks.

  • Gracie
  • Penny
  • Belle
  • Lilo
  • Nine
  • Doris
  • Sugar
  • Millie
  • Zoey
  • Hazel
  • Pinta
  • Gabby
  • Dixie

Male Duck Names

Do you have a lot of male Ducks in your houses? Are you looking for the best names for the male ducks? Then look at our suggestions which we are offering you in this below paragraph. Here we come with a lot of male Ducks names which you can pick for your own male ducks.

  • Ace
  • Hedge
  • Monty
  • Alfred
  • Moby
  • Hunter
  • Dillard
  • Duncan
  • Otis
  • Lucky
  • Ben
  • Colonel
  • Buddy
  • Ziggy
  • Franklin

Baby Duck Names

While having both the male and female Ducks at your house, there must have numerous baby Ducks along with them. Initially, they also need the names. Hence, if you are looking for cute duck names for your baby Ducks then here it is for you.

  • Bambi
  • Nifty
  • Bink
  • Bean
  • Meeko
  • Petri
  • Dio
  • Frodo
  • Mowgli
  • Nero
  • Dio
  • Flit

Funny Duck Names

Ducks are initially very witty and playful in their nature. Hence, the owners of the Ducks should also consider the funny duck names to identify the funniest ducks. Here we come with a list of a few funny ducks names that you can consider for your ducks.

  • Chicken
  • Eggspresso
  • Webster
  • Quacker Jack
  • Plucker
  • Nutquacker
  • Quack Effron
  • Duckleberry Finn
  • Quackhead
  • Foie Gras
  • Mother Ducker
  • El Quacko
  • Aflac
  • Quack Sparrow
  • Quackie Chan

Cute Duck Names

The baby Ducks are often looking very cute and beautiful. Therefore, you need to take the help of all cute duck names to call them all. If you are looking for the best Ducks names to call then follow the below paragraph.

  • Paddles
  • Una
  • Waddles
  • Willow
  • Fern
  • Fleur
  • Suds
  • Dudley
  • Echo
  • Squirt
  • Hubert
  • Puddles
  • Ollie
  • Peso
  • Splish

Famous Duck Names

On the other side, there are so many other ducks’ names that are also available which you can consider for your own ducks. Here we are going to offer you some of the most famous and popular ducks’ names in the below paragraph. Moreover, all the names are being generated from cartoon characters.

  • Duck Dodger
  • Becky
  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Gizmoduck
  • Daphne Duck
  • Louie
  • Webbigail Vanderquack
  • Donald Duck
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Drake Mallard
  • Della Duck
  • Daisy Duck
  • Daffy Duck
  • Duckworth
  • Dewey

Things you should consider before bringing Ducks to your house

Suppose you like ducks very much and wanted to bring them to your house. But bringing them to your house is not simply ok if you do not know about some of the things about them. To know Duck’s nature things will help you to know more about them. Here we come with a few important things that you need to consider before bringing the Ducks home. Let us check out the most significant things that you need to pay attention to quickly.

Adult ducks require a lot of care

Besides the baby ducks, the adult Ducks have also required the same kind of affection, love, and attention from you. As they are grown up as adults they subsequently became mature to offer you eggs. Therefore the owners will have to take care of their food and water. Without offering them from time to time food and water they will not able to provide their best services to their owners.

You can’t just get one duck

Another one more thing that you need to pay attention to while bringing the ducks to your home you cannot just bring a single duck with you. A single duck will not be able to live alone without another one’s company. Hence, it will be best if you bring two or more Ducks to your house to keep them with you.


While purchasing the ducks for yourself you need to make sure the choices you are making are perfect. It means you will have to purchase the best quality Ducks for yourself that can offer you the best services in the future. Initially, you need to bring one male and one female duck with you in your house.


Care is another one more thing that all the owners should pay attention to. Every day your duck needs a lot of care and maintenance.

Housing and protection

The owners will also have to build good protection or the housing system for the Ducks to stay. Without offering them the best house you cannot just increase the number of ducks.


All the owners will have to pay attention to their feedings from time to time. Bring the best foods for your ducks and provide them each time when they are hungry.

Bottom lines

Therefore, these are the best duck names that you can select for your own Ducks and call out them by these names.

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