Real-Life Interesting Facts About Pink Sparkles


Fans go crazy behind their all favorite actor and actress. They always remain very curious to know each one of the details of their personal and professional life. Additionally, they follow all their social media platforms to get all the information fast. With time, the audiences and the fans both are equally increased their interest to know all the real-life interesting facts about each one of the personalities. Whether they are footballers, cricketers, actors, politicians, coaches, or YouTubers it does not simply decrease the interest of their audiences and fans equally.


Therefore, here we come with a popular YouTuber pink sparkles life history in this article. Those who are very much formed with pink sparkles and want to know more about her please join in our discussion to find out all the latest news about her. Here we are going to offer you every single detail from his early life to the present. Additionally, we will also try to disclose all the secrets of her lifestyle which people main do not know. Pink sparkles is one of the most popular American YouTubers but is best known for online video gaming streaming.

Who is pink sparkles?

In the year 1990 on 17th May, pink sparkles were born. Originally she belongs from Poland but right now she is living in California. Pink sparkle is best known for her twitch streaming, online gaming, And as an Instagram personality. However, she gained her popularity from twitch streaming games like wow, Fortnite, And League of Legends. But unfortunately, on 22nd October pink sparkle gets banned from the twitch streaming account. Most of her fans and audiences go crazy about the fact and wonder why she is banned from the side. A large number of people claim that she was promoting adult content on that side and because of this she e gets banned. On the other side, some of the people also said that the reason behind the bending from the side is she over-crossed the community guidelines.


However, pink sparkles did not speak out about anything about this matter and disclose the reason behind the banned from the side as well. Soon on the day of 24th October, she again gets back her twitch streaming account. Before coming into the profession of twitch streaming she was a teacher in Poland and did teaching for about 2 years. Soon after, she gained her popularity from streaming on League of Legends. Pink sparkles real name is Samantha Tomlensen. But maximum of the followers and fans of her are known as Pink sparkle. She games a major fan following on the twitch account with nearly about 932k followers. The audiences and the fans of her are known as online streamers and video Gamers. Besides that, she has a keen interest to watch television shows and reality shows at the same time. Besides that, she has her own YouTube channel and the name of the YouTube channel is piinksparkle. There she holds around 1.15 million subscribers. However, in the year 2010, she uploaded her first video content with the title of 5 Quick and easy hairstyles for school. But the maximum number of views on her video named Most Epic present ever with 6.7 Million views.

Family of pink sparkles

As we all know the fact that pink sparkle was born in the year 1990 and she belongs from Poland originally but currently living in California. Talking about her family and early background then she was a former teacher and involved in the teaching profession for 2 years. There no information is available for her father and people even do not know the name of her father. However, the mother name of pink sparkles is Stacey. Even she has two siblings one is a brother and another one is a sister. The name of her brother is Derek and the name of her sister is Chelsey. She even appeared with her brother and collaborates with him on much video content. However, after a few times, the channel named with sockzVBarbie is no longer available for the audiences. Moreover, she is very active on all the social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She even creates an account named Onlyfans where she makes a lot of live streaming with her fans now and then. Maximum of the time she uploads her pictures showing her figure and assets on all the social media platforms.

Boyfriend of pink sparkles

The former boyfriend of pink sparkle was Zack Asmongold who was also a famous twitch account and online streamer. Before Asmongold pink sparkles dated Dahltyn. Moreover, pink sparkle and her boyfriend made many blogs and uploaded them to their YouTube channel. Apart from all of these things both Asmongold and pink sparklesstarted their relationship in the year 2018 but unfortunately at the end of 2019, they got separated from each other. In recent days, Zack Asmongold was almost caught by his fans while he was watching his ex-girlfriend’s online streaming.

Pink Sparkles: Early Profession and Career

A lot of audiences and fans of pink sparkles know that she at first started her career as a YouTube per where she uploads content about beauty and hairstyle. In the year 2010, she makes a lot of videos on fashion shopping, beauty tips, and hairstyle-related content. Soon she gains popularity and in the year 2018 hard YouTube channel makes almost 1 million subscribers successfully. But the major turnover of her career starts when he chose the profession of twitch streaming as a video game. She even has a second YouTube channel named pink Barbie Dolly. On the 2nd channel of the games more than 150k subscribers successfully. There are available many beauty tips video content, food blogging, shopping, fashion-related content on the second YouTube channel.

Pink Sparkles: Dating, Boyfriend, Affairs

The major relationship of pink sparkles was with Zack Asmongold for more than one year. However, the personal issues for tension among both of these became the reason for their breakup. Moreover, she dated another one more man and the name of his was Dahltyn. Except for these two men she has never been in a relationship with any other guy.

Pink Sparkles: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

This popular YouTuber has an attractive body with an attractive height as well. The exact height of pink sparkles is around 5 feet and 8 inches. The approx bodyweight of her is around 57 kg. Additionally, she has a carving body with brown eyes. Apart from that, her hair color of her is blonde. She belongs to the Canadian nationality and her birthplace is Canada as well. Side by side, the zodiac sign of pink sparkles is Taurus.

Social Media Profiles of pink sparkles

She successfully games very popularly on both the YouTube channel and Instagram profile. In her YouTube channel, she successfully managed to bring 1.1 million subscribers and on her Instagram profile, she has 249 K followers.

Pink Sparkles: Net Worth and Salary

As of 2020, the approx net worth of pink sparkle is 3.5 million dollars in USD. However on the other side people also claim that her actual net worth is $500 thousand every year. This ratio can go ups and down according to her popularity and her work initially.


Therefore, all these things are very interesting and real-life facts about pink sparkles. If you are a true fan of her then all of these things you should know about her. Additionally, if we get enough information about her personal and career life then we will surely update you all.

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