Stargate Universe Season 3: Any Possibility of Returning Back?


People never lost interest in one of the most popular Canada-American TV Sci-Fi shows Stargate Universe. Many Stargate fans still think that there is a possibility of coming back from Stargate Universe Season 3. We will not be giving any assurance as there is no news of Season 3 but let’s find out the whole plot behind Stargate’s popularity.

Stargate’s popularity begins with a sci-fi adventure film plot directed by Roland Emmerich. The whole movie revolves around the theory of the influence of extraterrestrial beings (aliens) over the existence of humans. It is based on a ring-shaped travel machine through which time travel is possible to the same kind of device elsewhere in the universe. Today we are going to talk about the unexpected ending of the show Stargate Universe Season 2 or whether Stargate Universe Season 3 is coming back or not!

The whole story of Stargate was complimented or criticized by popular fans but it generated revenue of $196 million with a production cost of $55 million.

Sequence Or Stargate Whole Series

There are so many seasons or movies released for Stargate that you might be confused if you are a new fan of Stargate. In what order should you watch the complete series? We are sure you might not want to miss any show or details regarding the show.

You will be surprised to find that Stargate has more than 350 episodes & some of the seasons are released at the same time, making it difficult for the viewers to find the correct order.

You will be reading different ways online to watching Stargate feature films or seasons. So here we will be providing you with the correct sequence so that you can enjoy the show uninterruptedly.

  • Stargate 1994
  • Stargate ( Season 1 to 10)
  • Stargate: The Ark Of Truth (2008)
  • Stargate: Continuum (2008)
  • Stargate Atlantis ( Season 1 to 5)
  • Stargate Universe ( Season 1 to 2)

Watching the correct season sequence has a great impact on how well you will understand the whole series. We hope this will help you.

Unexpected End Of Stargate Season 2

All the viewers of Stargate were left in the circumstance of suspense when there was an unexpected end to Stargate Universe Season 2. The whole team was stuck at some unknown place in the universe. The show ends when they find out the way to come back to the Milky way galaxy. Destiny – the spaceship stopped working because they needed to enter their pods ultimately but one of the pods was broken, which creates a problem for one of the team members.

In the end,  Eli Wallace was ready to stay behind among the whole team or had the power to repair the whole spaceship Destiny on her own. The entire team entered their chambers, but Eli was standing outside when the entire spaceship was failing.

The end scene of the Stargate Universe season 2 was when Eli was looking at the space, knowing the fate of the ship. What happens to Eli Wallace? Is she alive, or now how will they get back to their homes? Such questions develop the urge of Stargate Universe Season 3, but the production completely denied the release of the next season.

Stargate Universe Season 3: Any Hope Of New Release

After leaving the viewers of the stargate to such a cliffhanger situation, we agree that there has to be another season, but the production house and director are not ready to make it further. In December 2011, the Stargate film production house announced that they would not be making any Stargate Season 3.

There are various reasons from the filmmakers, but there is no news regarding the new release of Universe Season 3. So after so many successful seasons of the Stargate sci-fi series, we will have to stay in suspense.

Cancellation Reasons Behind The Stargate Universe Season 3

The main reason behind the cancellation of the new release of Stargate Universe Season 3 was the subsequent decrease in the number of viewers. When they started season 1, it had more than millions of viewers all around the world. But the number of viewers began decreasing with the increasing episodes, which was the worrying point for the show members or production unit.

The ratings get poor daily or less attention from the people make the producers jump to such a sudden decision not to make the Season 3. So everyone around or even the cast members were shocked by this decision. But in December, they made an official announcement that created a lot of displeasure among the fans. So solely, the reason behind the cancellation was TV ratings or fewer viewers.

Kickstart Attempt By A Fan

Stargate season might not have many viewers while they were aired, but many fans do exist. One of these loyal fans named Jonathan Annett tries to kickstart the whole new Stargate Universe Season 3. He tried to raise 50 million with the help of fundraisers from the Stargate fans to support the production house or film cast.

But this fundraiser campaign also came to an end within a few days because it was quite impossible to raise such a big amount from the fundraiser run by some random fan. All the efforts were appreciated, but Jonathan had to leave the plan when he found no huge support.

Unexpected Reveals Of Stargate Universe Season 3

Stargate Universe season 2 end wasn’t expected by the fans so early at such a cliffhanger situation. And people waiting for another season were left with disappointment by the film’s production team. There were so many unexpected reveals by the stargate universe season 3 that were left in the middle:

  • How did Eli survive for three long years without enough resources on the ship?
  • Eli was successful in fixing the spaceship Destiny. How?
  • Do they ever come back to their galaxy or reach somewhere else?

There were so many questions that were left in the middle without any end.

Stargate Universe Season 3 Comic Book Version

After no clear ending to stargate seasons, the comic book Stargate Universe – Back To The Destiny was launched in the place of Stargate Universe Season 3 to solve the unexpected queries of the fans out there. They find out the further story in the comic book in which Eli got successful in fixing the spaceship. After so many attempts, she kept the Destiny life support active.

As well as she got to know about some hidden place having the extra pods or stasis chambers. More characters accompanied her to find that secret place. We know that many different characters with a new plot were added, but it seems the best way to end the quench of the stargate fans.


Many people were hoping for stargate universe season 3 so badly, but the truth is there is no official release announcement till now. Many fans look for different ways to help the film production get to the movie’s definite end. But they have to leave with a lot of disappointment. We hope this article helps you with all of your queries. Do let us know in the comment section which Stargate season is your favourite one?

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FAQs Related About Stargate Universe Season 3

Will there be a Stargate Universe Next Season?

We all know that Stargate universe season 2 was left in suspense for the viewers when the whole team needed to move to some other galaxy immediately & Eli Was left behind. But the Stargate universe team finally announced in December 2011 that they would not be looking forward to producing any further seasons.

Will they ever finish Stargate Universe?

All the Stargate fans out there were excited to find out more about the story or further seasons as it was ended unexpectedly, but in 2011 the team decided not to finish the whole series. They left the plan to go for any further instalments of Stargate Universe Next Season.

What happens after SGU?

Being such a popular series, in the beginning, it has to face low ratings after a while. Even with the unexpected ending, people want more seasons to find out what happened to Eli, or does destiny ever return to the galaxy? But the whole team gets to another space with Eli behind to handle the ship.

Does Eli Wallace die in Stargate Universe?

There is no definite end to the fate of Eli. But somehow survived for the long three years by keeping the sufficient power or life support activities for the spaceship Destiny. You can expect different endings like she might die when she was unable to fix the shuttle or might she find some help in space. Or maybe she landed in some other universe or survived.

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