6 Important Ways to Make your Eyelash Extension Safe


Nowadays, nothing is impossible. Even your thin lashes look thicker and gorgeous with eyelash extensions. Well, Mascara can help you achieve beautiful lashes, but the impact of eyelash extension is awesome. One perfect option to use eyelash extension is Harmony lashes, as they look more natural and don’t cause side effects.

However, while using eyelash extensions, you need to care about several things, especially to last longer. Well, on lash lift maintenance, there is always a daunting process. Thankfully, not now.

If you want to make your eyes beautiful and save extensions for long, read out the given tips and expert maintenance tips. Thus, you could get the most out of it.

  1. Pick always natural and lighter lashes.

 If you pick heavy lashes, you always feel heavy eyes that sometimes irritate you. Thus, the expert recommends natural light eyelash extension that makes your eyes naturally beautiful. The best is to choose 0.7 mm or 0.5 mm lashes (depending on the eyes).

While doing this so, must align extension carefully that covers the eyes and look more dramatic and beautiful. Also, it says that lighter lashes have a longer life.

  1. Choose lash that mimics your natural eye shape.

 If you choose eyelash extension, always ask the experts to provide you with proper guidelines on your natural lashes. Suppose you have heavy lashes, but need some fillers, and you picked a heavy one. Thus, it looks weird and uncomfortable. Choosing the eyelash extension that goes smooth with your natural lashes is best.

  1. Use Night Cream to plump the extension

 To plump out extensions, you should use a night cream as this will help to remove the extra glue from the eyes and doesn’t cause any side effects. However, while using a night cream, you should use a light night cream as thick cream may spoil the lashes or fall out easily.

  1. Use Eyelash sealer

 To make the eyelash extension longer on the eyes, always use an eyelash sealer to fix the lashes without any side effects. In other words, you can call extension as the insurance that keeps your eyes safe. Use eyelash sealer every morning after cleaning your eyes as it won’t keep the dirt inside. Expert recommends using a hyaluronic serum that keeps eyes healthy and conditioned.

  1. Do not use Mascara over-extension

 You have used eyelash extension to uplift your eye’s beauty. So putting Mascara for better enhancement not only spoil your lash’s quality but also look poor. As per the expert, adding mascara over extension decreases the life span of your lashes. Avoid Mascara and eyeliner.

  1. Don’t sleep on the stomach.

If you have a habit of sleeping in the stomach, you need to change it now. If you do it and become careless, this damages the extension and can cause side effects. Thus, lying on the back can keep your lashes protected and enhance life expectancy.

The Bottom Line

To keep your eyelash extension, you will need to carefully go through the above steps. This would only enhance stretching life expectancy, but it makes your eyes naturally beautiful without causing negative effects.

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