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Knowing our favorite personalities with their cricketers, footballers, or actors is always an entertaining matter for us. Additionally, this is another best way to explore all the hidden and real facts about their lifestyle. By discovering each one of the real facts about the lifestyle the audiences including the fans even get to know every end-to-end important fact about them. Even it helps them to know more better for the audiences as well as the fans. Hence, today in this article we are going to discuss a Hollywood star named Casey Jost.

He is one of the most popular faces of Hollywood who has been played several roles in his career. Casey Jost is a young talented man of 37 years old. He has a huge fan following on all the social media platforms and equality for his works. Let us know every single detail about Casey Jost Lifestyle quickly.

Who is Casey Jost?

Casey Jost is a famous American TV actor. Besides that, he is also known for his various types of talents like musician, writer, and producer. People know Casey Jost best for his elder brother Colin Jost. The elder brother of Casey Jost is also an actor-comedian and writer in his career. People remember him as the best writer of Saturday night live with first time premiere in the year 2005.

On the other side, Right now Casey Jost is involved as a head writer and producer of a famous American reality show named ‘impractical Jokers’. In this reality show, a lot of well-known Hollywood personalities came on a single platform and have to stay in a house for a few days under the observation of hidden cameras.

Casey Jost was born in the year 1985, on 17th June. The birthplace of this young talented man is Grymes hill in New York. The name of his father is Daniel A Jost and his mother’s name of his is Kerry j kelly. He has an elder brother of his own his name is colin Jost who is also a well-known American TV personality and a writer. Besides that, under the Rider University of United State, he took his bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

He is a graduate and a handsome young man who has numerous talents. Apart from that, Casey Jost married in the year 2015 on 21st June. The nickname of Casey Jost is Casey and most of the people and his close friends called him by this nickname. He belongs to the American nationality and follows the ethnicity of White caucasian.

Why is Casey Jost famous?

Now let us discuss all the facts for which Casey Jost is famous in front of us.

Casey Jost Is a popular face of American TV shows. He is a popular writer, producer, and comedian of American shows.

Besides that, the popularity of Casey Jost increased much higher for his elder brother Colin Jost.

He is the head writer and producer of the reality show Impractical Jokers.

People also recognized him for the character of Officer Wankel. He played the character of officer Wankel is a comedian movie named Staten Island summer in 2015.

Does Casey Jost belong from?

In Grymes hill, New York, United State of America Casey Jost was born on 17th June 1985. However the birth name of his Casey kelly Jost. He bears the American nationality and ethnicity of white Caucasian. He follows Roman Catholic descent and his zodiac sign is Gemini. The parents of Casey Jost of our Daniel A Jost and Kerry J kelly. His mother was the chief medical officer for the fire department of New York.

On the other side, his father was a school teacher at Staten Island Technical high school. Moreover, he has two brothers. One of his elder brothers is known for his talent of writing producing and actor skill. The elder brother of this young talented man is Colin Jost. He completed his schooling at Monsignor Farrell high school.

After that, he goes to the University of Rider where he completed his bachelor’s degree in fine arts. All the brothers of Casey Jost follow Roman Catholic. And lastly, when he found interest in comedy he took admission Upright citizen’s brigade East in the year 2007.

Casey Jost career

Now let us know some of the details of his throughout his whole career.

He started his career as a writer who writes for late-night talk shows. The name of the late-night talk show is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

After that, in the year 2011, he started his journey as a head writer and producer of the American reality show impractical Jokers.

For the show, above-average presents, in the year 2013 and he wrote two episodes for this show.

He started his career as a musician in the year 2015 with his Music album the cicada hunk.

Additionally, he started his acting career with the film Staten Island summer in the year 2015.

He also performed in the short film King Kong DVD. However, at a later time the role of his terminated from the short film.

On the other side, he was the regular writer and also producer of his reality show impractical Jokers and write up to 8 seasons for this show.

In his first music album, he collaborated with many other singers. Some of the popular singers of that time are Dan Rosen. Eric gersen, Jeremy bent, and Jason flowers.

Casey Jost wife

Casey Jost is happily married and the family man. He married a famous American comedian Lisa Kleinman. They settle down in the year 2014 on 21st June. Right now they are living in an apartment in Williamsburgh in Brooklyn.


The current age of Casey Jost is 37 Years old. It is a very tall and fair handsome-looking man. The exact height of this handsome man is around 5 feet and 10 inches. He has brown hair and blue eyes. The body measurement of Casey Jost is 4.-30-35 inches.

Net worth

Throughout his whole career, he has earned a lot of money and currently is living a luxury lifestyle. He is the producer of his American reality show impractical Jokers and almost give 10 to 11 years behind the show. The approx net worth of Casey Jost is 1 million dollars per year.


Therefore, these are the most important and really interesting facts about the life of Casey Jost. However, there may have been many more other interesting sides of his life that people do not know. If we get any other information related to his career and life then we will update you all by offering all those interesting facts.


Are Colin Jost and Casey Jost related?

Yes, both colin Jost and Casey Jost are Related to each other because both of them are real brothers. Casey Jost is the younger brother of Colin Jost. Moreover, both of them have multiple talents within them including writing comedian producer, and actor.

How old are Casey Jost impractical jokers?

The first premiere of impractical Jokers came on television on 15th December in 2011. Therefore the present age of the American reality show is around 11 years.

Who is Colin Jost’s father?

The father name of colin Jost is Daniel A Jost. Even he is the father of Casey Jost as well. Therefore, both Casey Jost and colin Jost are real-life brothers.

Who are Colin Jost’s parents?

On the other side, the mother name of Colin Jost is Kerry j Kelly. Additionally, she is also the mother of Casey Jost.

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