Hiring A Vehicle To Move Home


Relocating is stressful enough with packing your home and making sure that everything is in order. Whether you are moving for your dream job, financial reasons, military change of station PCS, or simply because you want to move, it’s stressful. Hopefully you will have some help from friends and family for your move, but that help can only go so far when it comes to your big furniture. There are plenty of companies that you can call for vehicle hire to make your life much easier.

Leasing a vehicle for your business can be beneficial for your company, and can be an attractive asset. When you rent a vehicle you don’t have to come up with cash for the purchase price and the monthly lease payments tend to be lower than car payments. Also, if you lease a vehicle you can write off some of their business related car expenses.

However, leasing does end up costing more in the end because the insurance requirements may be different and amount to higher fees. Keep in mind the maximum number of kilometers stipulated in your lease agreement, and if you exceed the limit it can mean you’ll have to pay additional fees at the end of your lease.

Truck And Van Hire In Adelaide

Go With The Geckos is one of Adelaide’s most popular and reliable vehicle hires. This business is family owned and has been in business for over 20 years and loves to serve their customers with affordable prices. This company has a range of convenient locations for you to pick up and drop off vehicle hires.

If you are planning on moving interstate, the company can drop off the truck to you prior to your move. Vehicle Hire starts from one day to two weeks. They promise that you will always get the most cost efficient deal for your situation and offer flexible one way trips, which means you can drop off the truck at your destination without having to drive it back.


Moving in general costs a lot of money and if you are planning on renting a vehicle for your home move you should be considerate of the price it may cost you. Look around at multiple companies and see what fits best for your price range. Most companies offer some additional equipment for you to use during your move like a stair climber trolley, piano trolley and a moving trolley. If you need any of those items, add that into your budget also. Something to also put into consideration is that gas can be expensive as most rental trucks on average get about 8-12 miles a gallon.

Book Early

Give yourself plenty of time when booking a rental vehicle. It’s recommended to book about 3o to 60 days before your move. Companies will increase their prices for last minute booking or might not have availability when you need it. If you plan on moving in the summer time or during the holidays, book 90 days before your move to be safe.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is always good to have to make sure not only everyone around you is protected, but you and all of your belongings as well. Check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see if moving is covered under the policy. If it is covered then that’s great because you won’t have to go through the vehicle rental company’s insurance.

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