Top Medical Software Comparison: Sammy EHR vs. Praxis EHR


Sammy provides an electronic medical record system hosted in the cloud and hence available from any web-connected device, at any time. Furthermore, to aid in streamlining clinical and administrative processes, the EMR software integrates with a Practice Management System. As a result, Sammy EHR Software can improve clinical, financial, and organizational efficiency for small to medium-sized practices.

The program is highly adaptable and may be modified to meet the specific requirements of any Podiatry practice. In addition, clinical decision support is available within the Sammy EMR Software. These programs analyze information gathered from EHRs and then offer tips and prompts to ensure that you follow the best medical practices.

Sammy EHR Features


Sammy EMR’s dashboard is invaluable because it provides a birds-eye perspective of your practice’s daily operations. When you log in, you’ll be sent to a dashboard with all pertinent medical data.

More importantly, the platform employs HIPAA-compliant technology to ensure the security of all patient information. According to Sammy EHR reviews, you can attach the reports and photographs to patient charts via the dashboard, making them easy to access and fax to whoever needs them. During the live demonstration of the Sammy EMR platform, you will have full access to the platform’s dashboard.

Patient Portal

We also want to talk about the Patient Portal in Sammy EMR because it is an integral part of the system. Using the patient portal, you and your patients can save time and effort. The patient portal allows users to examine their medical records and schedule appointments online. In addition, your patients can use this portal to view their medical records and receive reports from your clinic.

Furthermore, patients can book consultations at their convenience with the help of the patient site. As a result, the rate of no-shows and late arrivals will decrease, and patient engagement will go up if appointments are scheduled in advance.

Clinical Documentation

The Sammy EMR clinical documenting procedure is also quite effective. Sammy EHR reviews praise how this feature streamlines the process of writing clinical notes. It is possible to save time and effort by using the automated entry feature just to copy and paste the previous message.

In addition, you can use the speech recognition feature to transcribe verbal comments into written ones. In sum, this time-saving function allows you to devote more energy to providing excellent service rather than typing. This helpful tool also helps you improve productivity on the job by reducing the number of mistakes you make.

Claims Management

In addition to facilitating data input, the Sammy EMR Software also flags any claims you may have submitted incorrectly. In other words, if a mistake is made when entering data, the claims management tool will let you fix it. Sammy EMR’s utilization of this capability leads to a drastic decrease in the number of rejected claims.

In addition, automated eligibility checks make that your patients are covered by their insurance policies. Entering their information into the database verifies that they have an active plan, eliminating the need to follow up on denied claims.

Sammy EMR Pricing

Sammy EMR pricing begins at $349 per user monthly. The provider can provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of their service. The overall pricing structure is flexible and based on your practice’s requirements and the number of users.

Praxis EHR Software

When it comes to EMR systems, one of the most well-known is Praxis EMR, which uses AI to do away with standard medical documentation. If you use this Software, your medical practice will thrive. Praxis EMR Software generally allows for the effective administration of clinical and medical documentation. Its primary goal is to improve the limitations of template-based EMR software, specifically its drop-down menus and selection lists.

Praxis EHR Features

Artificial Intelligence

According to Praxis EHR reviews, one of the best features of Praxis EMR Software is its ability to use AI. For example, you will notice a marked improvement in your medical records thanks to AI’s enhanced capacity to process work. In addition, to facilitate speedy data charting and communication with your team, Praxis EMR uses artificial intelligence messengers.

Clinical Decision Support

If you want to give top-notch medical treatment, use the Praxis EMR system. Current medical advice, decision guidance, and even in-depth treatment methods are available in Praxis EMR’s Practice Advisories.

When patients receive a diagnosis, they can turn to Praxis Practice Advisories for immediate, thorough medical direction. They serve a similar purpose to Agents, becoming active when a patient meets your criteria. According to Praxis EMR reviews, using Praxis Clinical Practice Advisories will ultimately lead to higher-quality treatment options for your patients.

Electronic Prescription

The Praxis e-prescription service streamlines the distribution of medicines to local pharmacies. Prescription writing is a tedious, time-consuming process that can lead to mistakes when done by hand. As a result of the convenience of e-prescribing, more work can be accomplished in a given period. In addition, patients can fill their medications at whichever drugstore they choose.

Patient Portal

Another essential feature of the Praxis EMR software, according to Praxis EHR reviews is the patient portal, which promotes more active involvement from patients in their care. Patients can schedule appointments at convenient times for them. As a result, the likelihood of people not showing up is also reduced.

The Praxis EMR patient interface allows patients to request appointments, view lab results, sign documents, and pay expenses. Patients can also check their schedules and recent lab results through the platform.

Praxis EMR Pricing

The Praxis EMR pricing each month starts at $259 per feature. There’s no free version, unfortunately.

Our Thoughts

Sammy EHR vs. Praxis EMR? Which one to choose? Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question as it depends on your practice requirements. Each software has its pros and cons. You can read user reviews to gain more insight into them. In addition, you can schedule a software demo to explore the software in more detail.

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