Top Features of NextGen EMR Software


A cloud-based EHR specifically created for private practices is available from NextGen Healthcare under the name NextGen Office (previously known as MediTouch). A claims clearinghouse, a patient portal with simple navigation, and specialty-specific content are all included in the fully integrated practice management system known as NextGen Office.

It works on any tablet or laptop (Windows or Apple), is touch-screen capable, cross-browser compatible, and HIPAA compliant. You can check out Nextgen software reviews to know more about NextGen medical software. You can schedule a Nextgen EMR demo to know NextGen pricing.

Top NextGen Medical Software Features

Clinical Notes Management

NextGen facilitates the creation of medical notes in a variety of ways. For instance, you can make a new patient on your own by using a dropdown menu. Using a straightforward form, patients can give you their information.

The structure is accessible through the client portal, and the data is transferred to their record in their chart. In order to avoid double-entry or paper-based entry on your part, the chart is then instantly updated with data supplied by patients.

The best part is that you can always add to the knowledge base. Both typing and voice dictation are acceptable methods of entry. Images can be added to your charts and notes to enhance them. Images can be added to your charts and notices to strengthen them. You could include a picture you took with your tablet device, for instance. The details in the image can give the findings you made during your evaluation crucial context.

Medication and lab management

Giving your patients medicine comes with some risks. You might prescribe a drug that can cause interactions or allergies if you have insufficient information or are not paying attention. Because of this, NextGen is a valuable tool. Any potential harm from allergies or interactions is automatically detected by the software.

The computer program can automatically add to your prescription the frequently prescribed medication directions. This is doubly informative because the client’s preferred pharmacy receives the information. Within your chart system, you can save the pharmacies that your patients desire.

The software allows you to place online orders for tests with labs. The advantage is that NextGen saves the results as soon as you receive them. The software then assists you in producing dynamic graphs of the outcomes over a specified time frame. This enables you to monitor the health of your patients, especially those who need ongoing care.

Appointment Scheduling

The scheduling tool is one of NextGen’s most well-liked features, based on reviews of the software. By visiting the scheduling timetable, which enables you to color-code by a supplier, you can make appointments. All of the consultations for a given time will be displayed on the calendar, and new consultations can be easily made.

To reschedule, time, or doctor of an already-entered appointment, simply drag it to a different time slot. Through access to their client portal, your clients can also actively request appointments if necessary. An automated reminder will be sent via text, email, or phone call to remind them of their slot.

Patient Portal

Due to the ease of use it provides, patient portals are now a requirement for EMR software. Because independent hospitals rarely have enough staff, the administrative tasks are frequently carried out by the nurses. You can lighten the load and make things easier for patients with the Next gen software.

On this portal, the patients can access their reports and appointments. They can also fill out electronic forms, download medical records, and schedule new appointments. Since they can download the lab results from the website, they are no longer required to visit the hospital to request them. NextGen EMR is a fantastic option because of the portal, which is a helpful feature.

Population Health

The population health monitoring services from NextGen EMR analyze patient data from various sources. Critical insights can be used to increase patient involvement, medical productivity, and cost savings. Population health systems employ advanced analytics to glean vital organizational, medical, and financial data insights.

For instance, you can use its outreach engine to let clients know if their care has any gaps. In order to improve disease management, this function also enables you to analyze, group, track, and record client data.


You can consult with and treat your client’s online thanks to the telehealth feature of NextGen software. Using the patient portal and the NextGen EMR system, you can arrange a remote office visit for both you and your client. A virtual meeting can be held using live chat, phone calls, and video conferencing.

Telehealth also has the benefit of being affordable and easy to set up. You can check to see if this system enables your customers to communicate and make cash payments using online payment partners during the NextGen demo. Additionally, improving patient safety, this feature allows for care to be delivered to patients who are unable to travel because of a medical emergency, advanced age, or a long distance.

One Touch EMR – Top Substitute

OneTouch EMR is an electronic medical records system created by doctors with the goal of maximizing office workflows. The platform’s user-friendly design makes it simple for practitioners to chart more quickly, ultimately maximizing patient interaction. An easy-to-use system for planning and control, billing, charting, treatment plans, and coding is offered by OneTouch EMR for offices. Doctors can select codes with accuracy based on the procedures and activities carried out during an appointment, thanks to built-in coding support.

This focus on coding serves two purposes: it gives doctors the most accurate codes for billing, and it provides a more precise view of what was accomplished during an appointment. Depending on the codes and charts from the prior appointment, office staff can bill patients through the EMR after a patient encounter. You can schedule a One touch EMR demo to know One Touch EMR pricing or One Touch EMR reviews.

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