How does a plumber fix a leak under a concrete slab?


Slab leaks are hazardous for the foundation of the house and can even cause the house to collapse if not repaired as soon as possible. Most of the households lose 14% of the water supply annually due to leakage. When a slab leak happens, it erodes the soil underneath the foundation of the house with time. This can affect the concrete foundation’s integrity, causing cracks or separation between the concrete layers, eventually leading to massive disaster. It is essential to get the leaks fixed by Experts to maintain the safety of the home. Many times, it is confusing for people to get hold of the excellent slab leak repair companies. For those looking for a repair company, find here to get slab leak repair El Cajon. There are various ways the professional use for the repair work of leaks, some of them are mentioned below.

1. Jack Hammering the slabs

The first and foremost task to carry out repairs through this method is pinpointing the leakage. If not done correctly, the process creates a lot of mess inside the house. Top slab leak repair El Cajon uses professional’s tools like tracing and hearing equipment to locate the exact location of the leakage. They often use infrared thermometers to narrow down the hot spots in hot water pipeline leaks after pinpointing the source of leakage, demolition of concrete floor with the jackhammer, and excavating the dirt & debris to reach the pipelines. Highly trained professionals keep the mess to a minimum, but finding the source in the first attempt is pretty difficult.

2. Building a tunnel below

This process involves building a tunnel to reach the point of leakage in the water system. This also consists of locating the leakage point through equipment used in the Jack-hammering process. Once the leakage is discovered, a tunnel is dug out from the nearest exterior wall until the professionals reach the leakage point. The whole process involves a considerable amount of manual work, as heavy machinery can’t be used in the excavation process. It exposes a more significant section of the pipeline that needs to be repaired. When preventing damages to the inside of the home is a priority, and the leak is located near an exterior wall, repairing is the best way to deal with the leakage.

3. Re-routing the systems

This process focuses on re-routing the whole channel of the pipeline, which contains leakage. The leakages are located through various tracing tools by the slab repair companies. They often use pressure-testing tools to find the whole section of the water system containing leaks. Upon finding the leakage, the entry and exit point of the pipeline in the slab are determined to abandon the whole section under the slab and re-routing the flow of water through a new line from “Point A” to “Point B.”  This option is excellent because it eliminates the entire section preventing leaks in the future.

4. Pass through the old lines

It is also an effective way to make repairs for leakage, similar to the re-routing process. The copper pipeline section contains the leakage, and then a smaller diameter pipeline is passed through it using the old line as a sleeve. There is a disadvantage to using this method of repair. It reduces the diameter of the pipeline, which affects the overall flow of water in the home. It takes experience and extensive knowledge of plumbing to handle this kind of repair work.

5. Trenchless leak repair

This is a modern technique of pipeline repair, which doesn’t involve the messy work associated with traditional repair works of slab leakage. There are mainly two techniques used for trenchless leak repair, saving you from all the hassles. You can find here to get slab leak repair El Cajon, which specializes in using trenchless methods for the repair works.

 Pipe Lining

It is a modern-day trenchless method of repairing leaking pipelines. Several names for this technique include epoxy pipe lining, In-Line pipe repair, sewer pipelining, and many more.  The process involves digging holes to reach the pipeline and using a special kind of epoxy felt liner with inflatable tips pushed into the pipe. After a few hours, the leakage gets sealed, and the pipe is as good as new.

Pipe Bursting

Sometimes the damages are so extensive that lining the pipeline will not solve the issue. The whole pipeline needs to be replaced by a new one to ensure structural integrity. But the pipe bursting method can save the house owner from extensive excavation work or tearing of house walls.  A cable is used to pull the whole pipe section out of an opening created through a small level of digging.


Slab leakage is a nightmare for residents of El Cajon, which needs a quick repair job. People can find here to get slab leak repair in El Cajon. There are many repairing companies offering a modern solution for repair jobs. These are the top slab leak repair El Cajon offering trenchless repair for the slab leakages. So, hire them to get the repair work done in no time!

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