How to Look For Work on F95Zone?


F95Zone is popularly known to be just a gaming website but the truth is far from that. The website is a one-stop solution to all adult artwork and gaming needs. The websites have different forums that consist of different contents. One such forum, F95zone, is dedicated to bringing artists, writers, voice actors, programmers, and other such skilled personnel closer to people who are trying to recruit talent for their upcoming project or expanding their existing team.

You can find both paid as well as free work depending on how you perceive your talent, as a skill or as a hobby. F95Zone has an intricate system all over its website that helps keep the posts and threads organised. For the recruitment and services forum, they have a prefix system as well that helps the recruiters to look for talent and the work seekers to look for work opportunities.

Let us take a better look at which prefixes you should be searching to get the best works according to your skills.

Prefix for Services and Recruitment

This forum contains two kinds of posts:

  • Recruiting: These posts contain job offers and requirements for the recruiter’s project.
  • Offering Service: These posts have people offering their skills, rates, and work samples for recruiters to check then out and contact them.

If you are looking for work, you do not want to be bombarded with posts offering services. To filter out your feed, you can use the prefixes located on the top of all the threads. These prefixes start with either R> or S>. You will only click on prefixes starting with R> to get all the recruiting threads. The prefixes are further divided based on what they are offering. Here is an overview of all the recruiting prefixes:

  1. [R>Artist 2D]: This prefix contains jobs that require artists that can draw in 2D. These are generally for comics, stills, and rough sketches for adult games.
  2. [R>Artist 3D]: This prefix has recruiters looking for 3D artists for their projects that usually consists of games and animated loops.
  3. [R>Composer]: Posts under this prefix needs composers who can compose music for games. If you have musical talent and are looking to expand your skill set in this field, go for these projects.
  4. [R>Programmer]: This usually consists of recruiters looking for programmers who will help them code their game.
  5. [R>Proofreader]: From games comics and novels, you can find jobs for proofreading a lot of adult content here.
  6. [R>Translator]: You can get works for translating adult comics under this prefix.
  7. [R>Voice]: Get job opportunities as a voice actor for games under this prefix.
  8. [R>Writer]: Write game dialogues, comics, and more under this prefix.
  9. [R>Play Tester]: If you are an avid gamer, now you can make money out of it. This prefix contains jobs looking for people to test their new games and make note of the bugs and difficulties while playing them.
  10. [R> Other]: Other job opportunities are under this prefix.

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