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Dave, also popularly known as Technoblade, is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer. This post has mentioned everything you need to know about Technoblade net worth, bio, early life, career, and more. So let us get started.

Technoblade Bio

Name: Dave

Popularly known: Technoblade

DOB: 1.6.1999

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 178 cms

Weight: 65kgs

Net worth: $4.8 million

Lives in: San Francisco

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Who is Technoblade?

Dave, also popularly known as Technoblade, is an American Gaming YouTuber. He is also known as Techno or Technothepig. He creates videos mainly on Minecraft and is a game streamer for the most popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Did you know that he is the best Minecraft player and is known for the unique tactics and strategies to win the game?

Technoblade plays games on Dream SMP, SMP Earth, MC Championship, Minecraft Mondays, and Minecraft Server Hypixel. He mainly plays the player vs. player games. Moreover, he is also a part of the Sleepyboisinc, Wilbur Soot, and more.

He started creating YouTube videos in 2013, and he has been successfully growing ever since. Before being a successful YouTuber, Technoblade was living in California and attended his high school there.

He entertains his fans by having a friendly fight with Dream (another Minecraft YouTuber). he also has a dark sense of humor and is sarcastic. The Minecraft community calls him laid-back, cocky, and egoistic.

Before being a Minecraft player, he created a YT channel called “studioLore.” IN this channel, he uploaded Fortnite videos and Roblox Sword Fight Videos when he was 13 years old. However, now he has built a career and is known for playing Minecraft. His fans talk about his achievements like PIG, PIG+, PIG++, and PIG+++ rank on Hypixel.

In Minecraft championship 4, he won first place and won Dodgebolt and the tournament. In the 9th championship, he won second place. Did you know that, in the MCUltimate Season 2, Dave donated around $11,600 to an NGO named Miracle foundation?

How old is Technoblade?

Technoblade was born on 1st June 1999 in San Francisco in California. As of 2021, he is 22 years old. In 2016, his parents divorced, and now he lives with his father. Moreover, he has three younger sisters and one brother. There is not much information available on the internet about his family.

Technoblade Early life

Before being a successful YouTuber, he was a simple guy who lived in California and attended his high school. After graduating, he moved to Chicago, Illinois. However, he again moved to California.

Technoblade family and personal life

As mentioned, Technoblade was born on 1.6.1999 in the United States of America. He is the eldest of all four siblings. He has three sisters and one brother. his parents divorced, and now he lives with this father. There is not much information available about his family because he loves keeping it private.

He has never revealed his face on the internet. However, in 2017, he showed his elbow when his channel has 1 million subscribers.

According to the sources, he is an atheist and also has ADHD. He is passionate about video games from a very early age. The best thing is that Technoblade has a friendly rivalry with his Minecraft player Dream. Moreover, they both have competed with each other on several occasions.

He has not revealed anything about his girlfriend. He is very secretive about his personal life and has not given out much information about his personal life.

Technoblade Face

Dave, also known as Technoblade, has not officially revealed his face yet. However, in January 2019, he accidentally revealed his face after winning a Minecraft game for a few seconds. Since he revealed his face for a few seconds, it created a buzz on the internet, and his fans got a glimpse of the best Minecraft player.

How Technoblade made money?

Technoblade has 7.5 million YouTube subscribers and its videos have over 1.2 billion views. He gets over three million views per day on his video from different sources, including Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Moreover, he gets around a thousand dollars of ad revenue from the videos he creates. According to the research, he earns around $8 million from YT every year. Technoblade Networth Technoblade earns around $58.54k per month. Technoblade net worth is $4.8 million. His main source of revenue is from his YouTube channel. He earns around $1.21 per 1000 videos.

How much money does Technoblade earn on YouTube?

To this date, his YT channel has 8 million subscribers and 1.2 billion viewers. Moreover, the views go up to an average of 3 million views each day. This means he has an estimated revenue of $24,000 each day from the ads shown on his videos.

Almost all the YouTube content creators living in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia earn around $2-$12 per 1000 views. Many factors like the device the video is played on, time of the year, location, ad inventory, how many ads are played on a video, how many people skip the ads, and type of ads, ad engagement, content types, and more influence the ad returns. The cost of ad revenue is based on the auction or bid conducted among the advertisers.

Technoblade Accomplishments

Here is a list of accomplishments by Technoblade:

  • He has won the Minecraft Monday tournament four times. He won the tournaments on weeks 1, 2, 6, and 10.
  • He broke multiple records in the second MC championship.
  • He has earns Hypixel ranking namely [PIG], [PIG+], [PIG++], and [PIG+++].
  • He defeated Defek and Hypixel.
  • He also earned a leaderboard spot in the mini-game called Bedwars for the number of final kills.
  • He also defeated many YT stars and MC streamers on Minecraft Monday. The list of players includes PewDiePie, DanTDM, CaptainSparklez, and more.
  • He also won the Minecraft hard mode with a USB steering wheel.
  • He won a game of SkyWars without using the keyboard keys.
  • He also won $100,000 in the Dream vs. Technoblade” event.
  • He won a 3 v 21 in MC ultimate season 2.
  • He also killed AntFrost and BadBoyHalo without dropping below 5 hearts.
  • Technoblade killed ninja in less than 30 seconds in the first hunger game round.
  • He raised over $11,625 money for charity.

Who is Technoblade girlfriend?

As mentioned, there is not much information about his love life and relationship on the internet.

Famous Quotes from his game

  • No No, this can’t be.. this man.. made eight potato eleven minions.. And THEN HE PAINTED THE MONA LISA!
  • “Are there any millionaires in the chat?”
  • “Fear is the greatest motivator.”
  • “It is a Black Friday Sale on the Earth, and it is 100% off. Add to cart.”
  • “All I know is anarchy, violence, and to get subscribers.”

Technoblade Twitch Account details

As of August 2021, the Technoblade Twitch account has over 677k followers on this profile.

Technoblade YT Channel

Technoblade joined YT on 29 October 2013. His YT video was “Technoblade vs. Mineplex owner.” He has 8 million YouTube subscribers.

Other Social Media

Since he is well known about the youth and the gaming community, he has also been active on other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit.

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