6 Beneficial Steps to Follow To Solve No Signal to Monitor Problem


Using laptops and computers in our daily life becomes one of the most necessary and common things. People are using laptops and computers for their official work or for other personal work initially. However whenever a user will see the problem of no signal to monitor on their PC then there might be some problem with the graphic output of the PC or computer.

Additionally, if you are facing the same c kind of problem with no signal no monitor on your PC then you are in the right place to make your problem fixed. Here in this article, we are going to discuss all of those beneficial steps which will help you to solve the no signal to monitor problem quickly.

However, when a user will see this particular problem they should immediately check all the necessary things with their computer and laptop cables and so on. Additionally, those who are using their laptops and computers for playing online video games often might face the problem of monitor loses signal when gaming.  This signal loss problem becomes one of the most common problems for all game lovers today. Hence, to solve all these types of problems while playing a video game on your computers you need to follow some basic steps.

What is no signal to monitor the problem?

It simply looks very amazing when we put the jack on the electric board and on the switch on it for Running our laptop or computer. If it opens smoothly and fasts then there will be no complications or problems that will arise to do our work smoothly. However, if your laptop or computer does not open after doing all the things step by step then there might be something a problem with your laptop or desktop. The problem is simply nothing but the no signal to monitor problem.

The reason behind not opening your computer or laptop smoothly is that it has some issues with your graphic output. A majority section of the people rapidly is facing the problem every now and then and there are also looking for the best solution for fixing the problem immediately. Therefore, those needy people who are searching for the best solution to fix the problem immediately can consider our next paragraph to find out the solutions.

The monitor randomly loses signal for numerous reasons. While you are using your desktop or computer you need to make sure everything is ok to pursue your work peacefully. However, checking all the necessary things properly still if you see the problem then without taking the help of some of the basic steps you will able to solve the problem. To solve your monitor randomly loses signal problem fast here we are going to offer 6 beneficial methods which you will have to apply whenever the problem occurs in front of you.

Steps To Apply To Fix Monitor Randomly Loses Signal, Problem

Now here we are going to offer all those effective and beneficial steps which will initially help you to fix the problem of the monitor loses signal when gaming or others.

Check Your Cabling and Power

Don’t worry you lovely people you are not the only single person who is facing the problem of no signal on monitor problem. There every single moment numerous people around are having trouble. This particular problem in your laptop or desktop simply shows that your computer or desktop is unable to get any input from your desktop computer as well.

Additionally, beginner people who are facing this particular problem for the first time may immediately bring out the Graphics card from their computer. On the other side, they can also take the help of any online platform to buy a new monitor for their computer to run again. But all of these things are simply not required If there is an issue with your cabling for PowerPoint lack problem on the Electric board.

Therefore, before replacing your monitor or bringing out the graphic cards you need to at first simply check all the things related to your cabling and PowerPoint. A person might face the problem of this particular issue just for the reason of a lack of loose connection between your cable and PC. Additionally, people can also face the problem of this issue just because they have damaged cable or old cable. All you need to also make sure if there is everything is ok with your input plugging into the electric board or not. Sometimes these may also be the reason for having the problem of no graphics output on your computer or laptop.

Check Monitor Resolution

Different types of laptop computers monitors have been set with various resolution settings. If you are working on your computer or laptop by crossing the resolution setting then you might face the problem initially. And automatically you will face the problem of no signal on the monitor problem or no message on your screen will also be available.

By changing your resolution setting by yourself you can immediately solve the problem alone without taking the help of the experts. Moreover, if you still see a suddenly lost resolution setting problem on your PC then wait for 15 to 20 seconds. The Windows operating system will automatically solve the problem by itself and will revert back to you again with the previous resolution setting. Moreover, your computer or laptop can take an automatic resolution setting by itself. Therefore, you need to make sure to change the setting before it goes above.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Graphics card drivers can be the often culprit for facing the problem on your screen. Therefore, before ordering a new graphic card for your computer you need to make sure whether it is updated or not. To solve the problem of a blank monitor or blank signal on your computer you need to add first make sure your graphics card driver is up to date with the latest version.

Test With An Alternative Monitor Or PC

On the other side, you can also use an alternative monitor or PC to test the problem. By bringing an alternative monitor and starting the windows if you see there is no problem occurs then it might be the problem with your own monitor. Moreover, if your monitor is not working smoothly then it is high time to replace them with another one.

Replace Your Hardware

Additionally, by replacing the hardware of the PC or laptop you can initially solve the problem by yourself quickly. Sometimes there may arise some unusual issues to the hardware and therefore the people are facing the problem of no signal on their laptop for PC.

Fixing PC Hardware Issues

And lastly to fix your problem no signal to monitor problem immediately you can check out the hardware issues in your computer or laptop. By checking them all and if you find any type of issues with your hardware then you must fix them as soon as possible to get rid of this problem. Therefore, try to use each one of these useful methods if you are facing the same kind of problem on your PC and solve it immediately.


Hence, these are some of the best beneficial steps that you need to follow to solve no signal to monitor problem on your laptop or desktop properly.

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