How to fix the [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] error message in outlook?


Outlook email is widely used software in the world. It was the pioneer in email services for many decades. The Google email service and many other players have taken the lead in the email service. However, the outlook is still used by many individuals and corporate every day. It is one of the email service application offers a high level of security to the users.

With the multiple security barriers, the users have to compromise on several operating aspects to maintain sanity while using the application. Outlook is very selecting about functions it requires to run the application. If the application detects any flow in the process, it blocks the service to the users.

In many cases, you may notice the outlook email software behave peculiarly when providing the services. The error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] could be caused by one of the defects in the operating procedure of the outlook. Such behaviour happens when there is no backup for the application to resolve the issues.

What causes the [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] error message while using the application?

Understanding the reason behind the unexpected error on the application would give you better knowledge about handling the software. Read the below guide to know what can cause the error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] on your computer while using the outlook email service.

1) Use of multiple accounts could trigger an error on your computer. When users try to log in with two different outlook email id on the same computer, the outlook security system finds its eccentric behaviour. Service will be stopped immediately, and you will be notified of the error message.

2) Corrupted files are cause the software to break the process and start throwing the error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5]. Once the file is corrupted, the software will no longer work smoothly. You have to update the application or fix the corrupted files before using the application.

3) Windows support to the new outlook version. If you are running the computer on the older windows version, there is a possibility that the outlook may not support some of the OS files causing it to fall while using it. The error message indicates the outlook is having trouble running some of the crucial files on the non-compatible windows version.

4) Virus in your computer can also block the email service of outlook. It will start corrupting the files or delete them to restrict you from taking any action that may remove the virus. Your default antivirus may have failed drastically, which is causing the problem.

How to solve the outlook error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] using easy to use procedure?

Follow the below procedure to fix the outlook error message without making major changes.

1) Clean the cache to delete all the outdated files from your computer. When the old files are no longer supported to the new version of the application, the outlook stops working and produces an error message.

Cleaning the cache will allow the application to build fresh cache files. It will solve the problem, and you will be able to access the email account.

2) Remove the alternative outlook account. When you connect the two outlook account on the same computer, there will be a mismatch between the two accounts.

You will not be able to access any of them until you log out from outlook. So remove the other email id from your desktop outlook and try login in with the one email account at the time.

3) Update the outlook to fix the error with a fresh start. The update will get applied to the whole system, and any error related to the outlook will be resolved. It will remove the error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] and give you a perfectly working application.

4) Use a windows troubleshooter to detect the error and fix the problem. Windows application will identify the problem and remove the corrupted files or fix the error with the help of the new files. The error message [pii_email_f74fda79a779120ef4d5] will vanish automatically after the scanning is complete and replaced file is implemented.

5) Virus scanning could be another solution to remove the virus affecting the core function of the file if you identify unusual activities on your computer. There might be a virus that is affecting the whole system. The outlook will also have a problem running the important files. Therefore, use virus scanning to fix the problem.